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Infinity Battle Challenge

Yes the deeper you get into the game the longer the road you have to navigate in terms of lineup structure to deal with multi day cool downs.


I recently unlock the battle stage infinite and got this matchup

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Multi day cooldowns is where I think, nah, I’m good.

I fear using them too much anyway… just in case I might need them for the next battle.

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Ludia what did you use to feed this Pachy…


I’m sensing the use of Indoraptors in this battle :rofl:

Need something stronger…

Behold the mighty creature that stepped first into battle to face the mighty foes:

Well the mighty Guanlong fought bravely, all be it quickly, he allowed the mightiest carnivore in my lineup to step into the ring to do what was needed, three shot the carnivore and be able to survive two shots from that nasty pachy if it decided to attack. He is so mighty he is still sleeping after the epic battle that ensued more than 12 hours ago:
And to round out the team my favorite go to Carniovre:


That Guanlong looks like me when my first day in the office.

“Hi guys, where should I have my keycard read? Oh, here? Thanks!”


hey sionsith when is your next video?

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It’s probably going to still be a couple of weeks, what I thought was only going to be a couple of weeks of craziness at work is looking like it’s going to go longer than anticipated. I also need to rethink the format of them to figure out a schedule that won’t cause so much of a disruption to all of my real life commitments that don’t live online.


super thank you!!

Exactly, but what you did not mention is that mighty Guanlong arose from his slumber in a minute waiting for you to use him again. No special credit? :cry:


True I should have, meanwhile as of right now the mighty Cerizanosaurus still slumbers:
Yesterday’s battle was not as difficult:

But the mighty Guanlong rose to the occasion once again to be battle tested and hardened by combat:


I would love to be able to obtain that metriaphodon :joy:


I know that was what I really needed against that Prinosuchus is a Metriaphodon that couldn’t be two shot by it.


@Aether_12 @Sionsith, I might have a solution for that.

“Hello? Yes, is this Chanya Diogo I’m talking to? Remember your secret power of 106M coins… I need you to do me a favour. Here’s my Metriaphodon. You know what to do.”

…Forget it, she asked me a cost of 754M DBs for that. :disappointed_relieved:


Is that cera the strongest in attack wise carnivore you have?

Nope that goes to this guy currently:


I know you didn’t say this battle was easy, but it still looks like a lot of luck with the AIs attacks. If you 3 shot his Metriaphodon off the bat, he’ll likely switch and then it’s a guessing game with dinos you have an advantage with and disadvantage with. If he doesn’t attack it seems tough. Just goes to show how good you’ve gotten at this game.


This battle was not easy and I got very lucky in that the AI got stuck in its 3A1B loop. I was a swapping machine back and forth but I zigged when I should have zagged and the Amphibian ended up taking out my Zamalodon, it took 4 full loops of the 3A1B loop to take out the Amphibian with my Indoraptor.


That Guanlong is so powerful, sigh I wish I get to your level one day to obtain creatures so mighty as that, with the assist of some Indoraptors and Zalmonodon that were obviously meat shields