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Infinity Battle Challenge

3.2 multiplies with attacking, and is added to the creature’s health. You find the ferocity value of that creature as a result. :call_me_hand:

That thread will open your :eyes:


I might have a bit messed up my top ferocity by maxing out Suprannotitan. :sweat_smile:

I hope I’ll be fine. My PvEs had become harder anyway, even before I’ve done that.

I couldn’t help it, was too exciting. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Oof hhmmm….


gorgosuchus,armormata,indoraptor level 20

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I am not so sure he would switch, gorgo and 2 Indos would combat this.

best for gorgosuchus XD

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Didn’t use Armormata since it could get one shot by the Carnivore with the level I have it at…
Final shot before I roflstomped the opponent:


Lol at roflstomped🤣

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I thought I was going to have trouble with this one, but got lucky. He switched in the amphibian right away and blocked. I had to guess he blocked and blocked 2. He kept blocking all and then his amphibian got stuck in a 4 block pattern. I was able to save 8, then when he finally attacked all 4, switched in the Metriaphodon and took out his amphibian. Then the Carnivores took care of the rest.


Ok, looking for more help.

I can’t think of how to win with my normal strategy here and I unfortunately already started this battle. FYI for any future team suggestions, I don’t have a Carnivore or a Pterosaur or an herbivore that can’t be 1 shot by any of the AIs dinos that have an advantage.

My thoughts on the current battle
Me: Reserve 3 attack 1
AI Amphibian: attacks me with all 4 and KOs me
My Pterosaur: Reserve 3 attack 4 and KO his amphibian.
AI herbivore: attacks all 4 and KOs me
My amphibian: I could KO his herbivore in 5 hits, but, then I would only be able to block 2 (I can only survive 1 hit from his Carnivore, not 2).

Sorry, forgot the screenshot


How many moves does the AI have reserved/block? If zero I would block four and see if the AI attacks three or not (3A1D loop), if this is the case I would then build and swap in flyer after getting to seven or eight.


Ok, sorry I was too impatient and lost. Tried to get his herbivore into a 3 attack 1 block loop and he blocked 2 and reserved 2 instead.

New battle and new dilemma. I need 4 hits to take out his amphibian. I got the herbivore into the loop and I can take him out with 4 hits (only 3 getting through because he should block 1).

The dilemma is do I block 3 and reserve 1 after that hoping the amphibian only attacks 3? If he does, then great, I’ll have 5 vs his 1 and win. If he attacks 4 though, I lose. But if I block 4 and he only attacks 3, I won’t have enough to KO him.

Edit: should I block 4 and hope he’s still in the loop, then block 3 reserve 1 on the next move?

I blocked 4 to check if he would stay in the loop and he only attacked 3, so I blocked 3 and reserved 1, but he reserved his 1 instead of blocking and took me out :persevere:

Time to try again and this time I’ll just block 3 at the end instead of 4. We’ll see.

Ludia just doesn’t want me to win this one. Got lucky and got my Carnivore with 6 vs 0, which helped me very my Pterosaur in a 3a1b loop and saved 6. Attacked 3 reserved 3 giving my amphibian 7 vs 0. Attacked 4 KOing his herbivore. But instead of attacking 4, his Carnivore blocked 2 and reserved 2 taking me out.

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Ok, that was a lot of dang (not the word I want to use) dinos used to win a Nasutoceratops.

I ended up getting lucky and getting his amphibian in a 3a1b pattern up to 8, attacked 4 and tried to keep the pattern alive, but he eventually broke it. Then got his herbivore into a 3a1b pattern and I attacked and kept the pattern going until I somehow ended up with 6 vs 0 with him at lower health now. So I attacked 3 and reserved 3 since those 3 attacks would put him low enough for my amphibian to take him out with 3 hits and still have 4 left over.
I blocked 3 and reserved 1 with this 4 hoping he would attack 4 with his Carnivore, but just like before he blocked 2 and reserved 2. So I blocked 5 expecting him to attack all 6 and he did. I was able to finally finish it off by attacking 4 and ending this horrid battle.

There’s no way I win this battle without several loops, I don’t understand how Ludia expects me to win without it. This can’t be a fair match with my lineup. Is this Ludias way of telling me up start increasing ferocity?


What does the top of your lineup look like?

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Here’s the top of my lineup, then the top of each class.


That is by far the worst matchup I have ever seen, your matchup is 169.1% stronger than the top three of your lineup.

I will be curious to see what you have for tomorrow’s matchup and see if it calms back down.


Here’s today’s challenge. I decided to level up my Tanycolagreus from 17 to 20 (my first VIP that I leveled to 20) so it’s could take 2 hits from the herbivore in hopes he would switch to his amphibian. Hopefully he attacks, then keeps attacking until I can reserve 3 and attack 1 for him to attack all 4. Then I can attack 4 KOing his amphibian and block 3. Hopefully he attacks 4. I’ll reserve 3 attack 1 again to get him to attack all 4. Then I attack 4 with my Proceratosaurus KOing his Pterosaur and block 3. Hopefully he attacks 4 with his herbivore, then I can attack 4 and win.

The problem is the AI for the infinity battle doesn’t battle the same like it does in tournaments. So, any thoughts before I give this a go?


He may not even switch out the para g2 which would be really annoying, it seems more likely that they will attack if you have a weakish creature to lead off and more likely to switch if your lead off is strong.

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