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Infinity Battle Challenge

That’s why I’m a believer in Ostaposaurus. Amazing design, fantastic power, and really well balanced.

I think Ludia just puts my Ostapobabies against me just to spite me lol. Anywho, at least I have my Ostapobaby army :blush:


It’s the first time I’ve faced an Indoraptor of that level. It is “exciting” to have him as a rival.

I’ll try to pass it with my top 3 carnivores after Indus lvl 40. Maybe I can try Spinotasuchus lvl 20 and Dimetrocarnus.


Just FMF the whole thing. In other words, Toujiangosaurus level 1, Indoraptor Gen 2 maxed and Tuojiangosaurus level 1.

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It was certainly the easiest way, but I opted for something more “conservative”.

That the rivals were 2 herbivores made the battle much easier.


This one caused me some problems. He kept switching in his amphibian at the end, but not attacking and making me guess what to do with 5 moves. He reserved all 3 moves the first time. He blocked 1 and reserve 2 the second time. I used the 3 attack 1 block loop to defeat him the second time.


Oof not nice, what I have tried before is if his first amphibian doesn’t budge to start off with metriaphodon and block 1, usually because of metriaphodons low health they attack and youl be able to clear the problem on the next turn. Here would have been perfect as the rex would have needed to use all 2 of his goes to take out the metriaphodon. Just something for you to try next time if you encounter a similar problem.

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Amphibian did switch out and I was able to get 8 moves with my indo, but instead of attacking with his trex, he switched back in his amphibian both times. Always a possibility since it had an advantage, but when switching in his amphibian he wouldn’t attack, which left me reserving 4 and blocking 1. He could 1 shot my indo, so he would have 2 extra moves and KO my Indo. I probably should have used a healthier Carnivore or change my strategy at the beginning.


Had a relatively straight forward matchup last night…

Since it was all carnivores I went all amphibians:

I possibly could have gotten away with only one Gorgosuchus and instead of the second put a lvl 40 Prestosuchus but didn’t want to take any chances…



Even with class advantage the gorgo had less attack than the allo and dilo . Something needs to be done.