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Infinity Battle Challenge

a better idea … a level 1 dino in front,
a carnivore like indoraptor lv 20 in second position and then gorgosuchus…

I did it with a level one throw away, lvl 17 Indoraptor Gen 2, and a maxed Gorgosuchus which need four hits to take out that 16k health monster in the middle.

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High level tanks are stupidly hard to deal with. You don’t want to kill them because the thing behind it has twice as much attack but at the same time you can’t not kill it because it still has enough attack to mess you up, so you start trying to kill it before realizing it takes a billion points. Apato 10-30 is one of my favorite dinos to see in tourneys and Apato 31+ makes me question life decisions

the best way to bring down a tank is with a cannon … even though the cannon is more physically fragile it has immense destructive power.

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Revenge of the Tuojiangosaurus…

( This is what happens when you continually put in a lvl 1 fodder )


“I am tired of being your throw away for everything! I gave my love to you and you!? That’s what you did to me… USED me!! What you see in front of you now is the culmination of your ignorance to me!!”

…Tuoj’s words, not mine. :crazy_face:


I feel like this one has been hitting the juice and needs to re evaluate its choices in life.


in my case I would use a tanycolagreus lv 40, mastodonsaurus lv 40 and indoraptor level 10…

I went overkill because I didn’t need the creatures for anything else…


Here is a nasty one due to class lineup:


Curious…where in your lineup do you put your L1 fodder?

I didn’t use any fodder on this one, since the Armormata could one shot every single petro I currently own.

I went Zamalodon lvl 39, Indoraptor Gen 2 lvl 20 and Metriaphodon lvl 31.

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U should have used maxed Tupuxuara, indo gen 2 lvl 20 and then zalmon lvl 39.

Indo gen 2 level 20 would have only around 1500 attack against Meto. He wouldn’t be able to take him out, even with 3 hits.

Funny, I wonder if they are similar for everyone. I had a similar lineup to go against, but on a much smaller scale. Same class types though.

I went with a similar lineup to what Sionsith did just to not mess around (again though, on a much smaller scale).

You prefer depth over ferocity, right?

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I prefer both :wink:


What exactly do you get from these infinity battles?

A rotating pack, today was a common plus pack, tomorrow is a commons plus pack again, but it rotates at random through these options: mystery pack, common, rare, super rare, and legendary. It’s the packs that cost money typically in the market:

I forgot to mention the most I get out of this is the challenge of the battles, these are typically the hardest battles you will face in the game.