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Infinity Battle Challenge

if armomata can 1 hit any pterosaur why use a zalmonodon level 39 and not a pterosaur level tapejalosaurus? ok it can not switch but if it does the result is the same…

I used the Zamalodon so that the Metoposaurus couldn’t two shot my pterosaur, since it could two shot literally every other pterosaur I currently own.

I had to dance back and forth between the Zamalodon and the Indo Gen 2 until I had enough to make a dent in the Armormata three shots still couldn’t take it out but it did enough damage so that I could one shot it with my petros.


That’s definitely the hardest one I’ve seen of yours the attack on that metop is brutal

Yes this was by far the toughest matches I have faced. My team went from 17,487 AFS to 18,385 with my latest jump in leveling, not bad. However I think one of the toughest Infinity battles I had faced previously was 26,312 AFS which was a 50% disadvantage to me at the time. This battle had an opponent team with a 30,797 AFS which was a 67% disadvantage to me at my new ferocity level. I mean the Armormata had a ferocity of 37,650, a level 40 Indoraptor Gen 2 is only 28,090.

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So what’s the top of your lineup now? Il be watching your video soon but do you have both indos at 40 now then?

Nope lvl 20 Indoraptors and one Metriaphodon lvl 31 out in front of them.


Ummm, while I like a challenge…

What do folks propose:

Most recent top of lineup to pick from:

Armormata, gorg then metriaph 30, I wouldnt like to tempt going any lower :joy:

That might be an option although it’s going to take four shots from Metriaphodon or Armormata to take down that Pteranodon (seems to have been hitting the juice). Heck it’s going to take three shots with my Segnosuchus.

The real question is if the computer is going to sit or switch when faced with the class disadvantage. The Tarbo and the pteranodon can one shot everyone it faces when it has class advantage.

The Pteranodon can also two shot all of my Herbivores and the Tarbo can 2 shot all of my Amphibians.


That looks like a nightmare… I probably would do indo gen 2, metria then indo gen1. When they can’t switch to get class advantage, they tend to play pretty defensively - at least with the first dino. At least in mine that’s what tends to work. The game tends to be a little nicer if I just bring stuff at the very top of my roster.

Wow, the attack on that Tarbo is ridiculous. I usually try to keep the 1 different class as it first guy so I can have class advantage on the last two, but with us not having a big amphibian available even level 40 Gorgo needs 3 hits for indo and 4 hits for Tarbo.

I think Pteranodon has the highest ferocity, so it should stay in the first spot as long as you don’t put an herbivore first. Put something that can take at least one hit first, then I would put Indo 2 or Zalmonodon second since they can take at least one hit from Tarbo in case AI switches. Save Gorgo for last and hope it’s enough to finish it off.

Edit: problem I’m seeing is its going to take 5 hits from Zalmonodon or Indo 2 to take out that Pteranodon. So hopefully your first dino can get at least one hit in on Pteranodon and save 7, that way it only takes 4 hits instead of 5.

Here is what I went with:

1 block, opponent no show (ends up being 2 block)
2 reserve, opponent 2 attacks kills Indoraptor
3 attack (kills Pteranodon) and 2 block , Indo Gen 2 comes in (I don’t remember what it did)
I switch to Gorgosuchus end up going a few turns until I end up in this position with no moves available on the opponents side:
which allows me to block 3 since I can take one shot from the Tarbo.
Tarbo goes for four attack on its next turn setting up this:

And my reward for that battle…

But what’s better is what is up for tomorrow…


Nice, but I would love to know the magic you pulled to get 6 moves vs 0 against Indo 2 :grin:


Sorry, I mean when you do use a L1 in these infinity battles, where in the lineup does the fodder go? I don’t tend to play mine daily because they often use up some of my highest-level creatures, but I’m wondering if I’m playing them a little too cautiously. I

It completely depends on the match I am facing, typically I put it in slot 1 but if I need to force a swap I might put a strong creature in first and then the fodder goes in slot 3. I don’t think I put a fodder in slot 2 at any time.

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as you can see in my screenshots it is possible to continue using the fodder method in the first slot even in difficult matches but if the match is overly difficult it will require better dinos

then enter the dinos with high HP and high damage…

a tip … always have a calculator nearby when playing…

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Maybe it’s just the matchups I’m getting, but I can’t think of an instance where I could use a L1 in the first position and still be able to win the battle. I could see using it in the third position and building up reserve points before switching to it, but the AI seems less predictable in the infinity battles lately than in other events, and that’s a rather significant chance to take when I’m still using two top-tier creatures for a reward like a mystery pack.

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A “fun” one this morning…


That gorgo will give me nightmares :joy:
Also I am close to lvl 99. I’ll be able to join the club