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Infinity Battle Challenge

Lemme guess, you did fodder, metriaphodon, segnosuchus for this battle right?

Nope, I couldn’t since I wouldn’t have enough moves or health in that situation…
Metriaphodon would take three shots to take out the Gorgosuchus, and would be one shot by either Pterosaur. Which would have left me with only Segnosuchus which would also need three shots to take down each flyer but could be taken out in two shots by either flyer.

I went heavy and it actually took a long time because the AI was not being aggressive ( I think because of the health on my creatures).

But in the end…


I was a bit shocked when I saw these :joy: I wonder how it will be when I max out one more indoraptor. Sadly you get a mistery pack most of the time for al the effort.


Ah didnt realise, nice work!

Well, what i saw is that there is always one wayy stronger than the other two.

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Yes that is right, sometimes one is more than twice the ferocity of the other. Fortunately they are not all like this yet :sweat_smile:

Always excited to see the elusive:
Which was guarded by:


That yutys attack omg :eyes:

I caught him sleeping on the job…
Yutyrannus: no ones going to challenge me, I am unstoppable…
Gorgosuchus: hold my drink…

Everyone else in the arena watching the battle:


Hey man, because your name is written “regular”?

It’s a level of trust. Beginning users are Basic; most forum users Members; a few are given more trust responsibility and are Regular; a couple of us have Ambassador status; and a small group have Leader status.


Thank you very much, now I understand!

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Revenge of the Herbivores…


Carnivore 3238+ life( max Dilo G2)
Something that can easily 3 shot Micro(a pterosaur)
Indor level 20.


Damn that ankylodocus must be able to 2 shot your indos right?

Both of the herbivores could two shot Indoraptor Gen 1, went lvl 20 Indo Gen 2, lvl 20 indo Gen 1, lvl 30 Metriaphodon.


Are the dinos that sionsth are facing the ones that everyone deals with or just players with high levels dinos thinking of getting to 99 but don’t want to push my dinos/ aquatics and Cenoz to fight those type of creatures in every kind of match

The Infinity Battle Stages are based on your creatures (possibly your top 3, possibly deeper). So while my Infinity Battle has some impressive opponents in it, they are not in the same league as @Sionsith 's. I can add a screenshot for comparative purposes later.


But do your matches get crazy let me show you mine because if they get tougher than this I won’t push I am level 82 i think and got like 7 indor lvl 10

Fight for funds haven’t done this because I did mod and got like in total 2 - 300 sdna in like 5 matches

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