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Infinity Battle Wiping Me Out

This one has me in fits. Every used dinosaur you see has been used against these three. Help?

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Use Pterodactylus first, he will switch with Aerotitan. Take out Aerotitan by putting Stigymoloch second, and finish with another Pterosaur.

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I’ll give it a whirl in the morning and let you know. All this for a VIP Mystery pack.

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I’d maybe triple up on Pteros

Run Tape 1st, 3k hp, can take 2 hits easy from Eryops if they don’t swap.
They probably will swap, and it can still take 1 hit from Aerotitan.

So you are guaranteed to get to 4 reserve.

Pterodactylus or Indoraptor in the 2nd spot

Another Tape in the 3rd spot or Pterodactylus if you run Indo in the 2nd spot

At start reserve 1st turn, reserve 1, def 2 second turn, reserve 4 on 3 rd turn.

The AI will most likely either use all for attack or do all but 1 attack.
Either way you should be able to get Aerotitan with 2 hits with Indoraptor, 3 if they hold back 1, I don’t know the calculation but if you have Ptero in the 2nd spot I don’t know if you could get Aerotitan with 3 clean hits or not, it would probably be close. Either way use enough hits to guarantee a kill.

If indoraptor reserve remaining to 4, defend with left over after taking out Aerotitan If Ptero reserve as much as you can but still defend just enough to guarantee survive next opponent turn.

Play to win from there

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pterosaur, indoraptor, pterosaur (preferably glass cannon) :+1:

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Tapejalocephalus, Indoraptor, Pterodactylus

If your AI hasn’t been readily switching, have the Tape attack in round 1 to encourage swapping

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The AI should switch since Aerotitan has a higher attack than Eryops

I don’t think this is too hard. Tapejalocephalus (meat shield fodder), swap into Aerotitan, get 4 reserves, finish it off with Segnosuchus (or any herbivore) then have a Pterodactylus in the back. Should 2-shot the Acanthostega and have maybe about 1 or 2 blocks for the Eryops. If it attacks with some, go all out. If it doesn’t go for anything, go for 5 blocks.

The dream team would be as follows:

  1. Pterosaur with ≥971 health
  2. Herbivore with ≥891 attack and ≥2324 health (can use L10 Monostegotops)
  3. Pterosaur with ≥1510 attack (But can try with a Pterosaur with ≥1073 attack and 971≤ health ≤ 2328 but needs 5 attack to kill the Eryops

Game Plan:
Turn 1: Defend 1
If Opponent swaps and 1 attack, Turn 2: Defend 2 __ Sit 1
If Opponent swaps and doesn’t attack, Turn 2: Reserve 2 __ Sit 2
If Opponent does not swap and 1 attack, Turn 2: Defend 2 __ Sit 3
If Opponent does not swap and 2 attack, Turn 2: Defend 2 __ Sit 4

The Opponent will most likely go for Sits 1 and 2
For Sit 1, Turn 3: Reserve 3 and opponent should kill your 1st creature, leaving him with 1 move (Sit 1.1) or nothing left (Sit 1.2).
For Sit 2, If opponent kills you, Turn 4: Attack with one more move than he has left and reserve the rest).

It takes your last dino 2 hits to kill the Acanthostega and 5 hits to kill the Eryops.

AI didnt swap to aerotitan. I lost by 150 points on my stygi. I just want my stinking stomping mystery pack.
Going to try tape indo tape

:frowning: Sorry my plan didn’t work…

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Chances are he’s not gonna swap the next time as well

Shoulda woulda coulda NOT leveled up the Indos past L1.

Try Bird-Bird-Herb.

Edit or go nuclear and make a L20 Tapej

Did you Attack in Round 1 or Reserve?

The AI isnt falling into the 3 attack 1 reserve. Did 2 of those then went all in when I was going to attack the aerotitan for the win the next round. It’s all over the board on attacks/blocks/reserves. We shall see.

I reserved.

No worries. I made my lineup the way it is

Did it work?

Attack in Round 1. Often, the AI will swap out the hurt creature, especially since you have class advantage