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Info: Spellbooks aren't stacking properly

Hello fellas. I came here to inform you that stacking multiple Spellbooks isn’t working as described at the last patch notes, where having multiple of the same would keep total bonuses and time left. If you purchase f/e a 1hr and a 3hr bravery, you should have 20 tries total and 4 hours to spend all of em. That’s not what currently happening, as when the timer for the shorter one ends you lose any tries left from that one if you still have any. I contacted support, and they confirmed this is currently an issue, and compensated me with the books I lost (there were 2 times I had this issue already, first time I used a 12h bravery from hero pass to extend the timer from a 3d one and when the 3d timer ended I was left with the tries from the 12h only. That’s when I reported the issue to support. Then, this week it was offered again, so I bought all of em and saved for using when home. 12h later I had only the 3d one active). They also told me that they will not be able to compensate any further, and gave me the advice of not stack books from now on. No fix for now.


This bug does not seem to be global. I have regularly been stacking the bravery Spellbooks without issue. I find it odd that many WoW bugs seem to be limited to smaller groups of players.

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