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InGame damage Calculation error?

So to cut the story short … My Spyx (0/16/14) base damage is 2552 … meaning both revenge impact and pounce should total to 5105 as shown in the image below … the question here is why on earth is the actual damage in battles are totaling to 5104 instead 5105 ! Draco’s are surviving with 1 HP left !!

No, your spyx should be doing 5104, its the move description that is incorrect.

not necessarily.
it depends on how each area calculates the information.
whats in the description cold very well be adding 2252.4 +2252.4 together then rounding up to 5105. and in the arena it drops the decimal when calculating damage. which would be confusing to anyone since we go by what the description is telling us it will do.

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It doesn’t make sense cause when i do the basic attack, it inflicts exactly 2552 damage

Should’ve known… would have made him 17/13 instead :frowning: