Ingame improvement suggestion

Anyone else think it would be cool to have an indicator as to what area location you’re in so you know when to drop a scent if your looking for specific dino dna?
At least have somewhere in game where you can see what dinos spawn in specific areas…

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After a while you begin to memorize which dinos are for which local zones. I went with my wife back to her work because she accidentally brought home some keys. As we were driving along and I was playing both her and my account. I could tell which zone we were in just by the local commons I was seeing. I kept telling her which zone we were in. An area with stores,gas stations and restaurants will spawn other things.

Lythro, Charlie, Edmont, Sino, Concav = Zone 1
Deino The turkey, Spino = Zone 2
The grey triceratops, The wiggly tadpole, Blue faced bird = Zone 3
Para, Giraff, Allo = Zone 4

Allosaurus has also moved into L3 now, so not a very good zone indicator.

An indicator would make sense, but I feel like it’s not there to encourage you to seek these things out for yourself. If they give an indicator then people will want a legend breaking everything down ingame. I think it’s fun having to read the forum and other resources to figure this stuff out. It makes it more than just a game.

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