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Ingrid and Franz

This is a little bit ridiculous but I have a fourth VIP timer since they were released


I’m also on my fourth countdown, ( or could be fifth tbh I’ve kinda lost track) surely both have been available to vip for a week by now if not longer so whats with the timer still?

I wish I knew and support has been less than helpful just saying wait and keep trying

Same here, on the 4th or even 5th countdown. Not going to buy vip (which seems to be coming up more ane more often)
It’s getting annoying now to have to wait for such a long time.

Same here as well. Saw Franz for the first time in 6 days, didn’t match us, and my countdown is still going. I don’t know if it is a move to “force” us to purchase VIP (I won’t cause the price is ridiculous), but the amount of time is taking is getting borderline crazy.

Unlike last time with Brett/Susan I was told it went Franz then Ingrid, Franz again then Ingrid again. I’m hoping I can match with Ingrid tomorrow when the timer expires

I’ve lost count of how many timers I’ve gone through. I’m still trying to match with Franz, but it’s impossible. I thought it might be a problem with my app, but…

It’s intentional that it’s this difficult?

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It’s worse if you have matched with every possible character making it impossible to match with either of them and just get an endless loop of countdown timers I think im on number 7

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Yeah I’m there too. To be honest I’ve lost hope on matching with them. Though there’s still a bit of hope when I see Franz pop up. But stuck in an endless timer.

The timer has restarted about 7 times for me.
I have seen Ingrid once, and Franz twice, both times I swiped right at him but nothing happened. Last time this happened with the astronauts I asked the support team and got a generic reply, oh they must be shy, keep trying, which whatever. I have given up on both now…

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The only trouble i had with the astronauts was I kept seeing only her and not him. But very sure I matched with him first try. Franz on the other hand seems impossible.

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I matched with Susan immediately no problem Ingrid is a different story

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My counter just keeps resetting… and resetting… and resetting… and resetting…


Does anyone know if the counterpart availability cycle is the same for everyone? (Meaning Franz would be matchable for everyone at the same time the timer represents Ingrid, and vice versa.) Or does it vary from player to player?

I don’t know sadly

And that’s my eighth timer :smirk: maybe next time

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Franz showed up after my eighth timer I wanted Ingrid so :smirk: now it’s #9

Finally I’m living a timer-free life and matched with Franz!

I caved in to VIP matched with Ingrid and canceled

You got VIP just to match Ingrid and then cancelled VIP? Dang, that’s so smart of you.