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Ingrid/Franz versus Liam/Min Jae

I personally find Ingrid/Franz’s story way more enjoyable in comparison of the musician characters. The pop singer and the fan club interfering in their love life is beyond annoying

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I would rather have the other back who been gone for quite a while

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It’s neither for me. As I won’t match with Liam/Min Jae because I swipe left on the guys, and I tried Ingrid, but I didn’t feel any kind of connection toward them.

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I don’t match with guys either. Ingrid’s chats are getting boring for me because it’s been nothing but live stream concerts and playing concerts and that’s it.

I really wish they would not only start bringing back the folks we haven’t seen in a year like Clementine and bring folks back for longer than just a day

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I like Franz/Ingrid enough but the story is sort of meh for me now. Feels like another “Chase them all over the place saving their butts.” Sort of deal.

Much like the Antoine/Nina/what’s his face’s story.

The pop stars are just really typical and expected drama so I never got into the story much.

Clementine is one of the characters I want them to bring back the most. She didn’t have the best story (or the worst), but she’s still one of my favourites.

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I relate to Ingrid it’s rough being an outsider

As for characters I want back Jasmin, William, Daniel, Capt Muffin and Aesha

I totally agree. At first, I was so excited with Franz/Ingrid’s story but now there’s way too much music-related stuff to my taste and it gets boring to read detailed description of their performances while trying to imagine them. And their behaviour is getting more and more reckless to the point of being ridiculous. I remember discussing which character we’d like to date irl and now I can say for sure that it wouldn’t be Franz/Ingrid. They seem fun to chat with but I wouldn’t want to be closely involved with them.
As for Liam/Min, I’ve never been a fan of K/J-pop culture, so I’m not really invested in his story and just use him to farm diamonds

I still love Ingrid they are wacky and I dig the music part but music is a huge part of my life

That’s awesome!
Personally I’m an experienced music listener :laughing: and totally tone-deaf so yeah, it’s a bit difficult for me to imagine myself performing at a concert. And I still think that Franz/Ingrid are very interesting character, their personality is refreshing

I have taken both guitar and drum lessons and I have a friend was a singer for a metal band at one time

yess I love franz!!

I love Franz! Their story is not the most compelling, but their personality is a joy. Weirdly, I like their text conversations more than the dates, which are largely just concert descriptions.

Liam never really grew on me. That relationship escalated way too quickly. MC met him immediately after chatting, and their instant connection reinvigorated his love of music??? I had no time to get invested in him, and he was already acting like this was true love. The drama is a bit more engaging than the character: with MC being micromanaged by the industry and attacked by fans, I think there’s potential for an interesting story about the downsides of being an idol. But Liam himself isn’t a draw for me, and his date sprite looks uncannily different from his art scenes to the point I find it distracting every time he pops up.