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Initiative in PvP

So…for the sake of treasure, I decided to give the new PvP chests a try. My disappointment in the equipment change has sapped the desire for a dungeon grind.

Unfortunately, INITIATIVE: what the heck!!! Seriously? Seriously…what t F? Here is how it is written. Roll initiative. You go first! Yay! A character goes. Enemy goes. Automatically. Not individual initiative, but I go you go, I go you go. Fine. Fine.

Oops. I killed 2 enemies, now I go they go? I go they go? Bam…I kill a third. Now I go they go, I go they go. So for the four attackers I have left, the enemy gets an attack on each one. In a span of one turn, a.k.a. 6 seconds, each of my characters attack their one attack or move, and the final enemie gets 4 attacks or moves. Four. FOUR. One level 8 cleric can clear 3 of 4 of my mates who are level 11 each.

Can we say the developers STILL need to be fired? That what they have done to the game since it was created and damaged shortly after, is some of the worst decisions I have ever seen in a game.

Boo writers, boo developers. Bad on you.

The game is seriously losing in quality…steadily. The focus keeps being change the game for the worse, and ignore 80% of the people playing.


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I’M a 100% behind you on this.
Initiative is 75% of the win, and then there is the 4v1 phase in which everything can change!
A barb with his mace (chance to stun on hits) has soloed my entire team by stunning every one of my characters before their turns.
**thats because if he’s the last man standing he has close to 99% chance to proc his weapon.

I’ve had the same situation with a Cleric with the epic weapon… keeps placing a death ward on himself and constantly draining my team: HOURAY! I killed the cleric about 7 times, but he kept resurecting!

I agree that this is frustrating, but it’s not even close to the most frustrating thing in arena. Ranger push + can’t move with a bunch of 3-range attackers on their team is probably the most egregious thing. Yep, I just spent 4 turns moving my units into range aaaaand “can’t attack” chained for 3 turns, nice. To be fair, I do it to others way more often than they do it to me.

Tip: Prioritize their targets who do best in 4v1 and 4v2 scenarios. My units range from level 7 to level 9 and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve played against someone who takes out my strongest units first, and I’ve played over 150 matches. I’ve absolutely destroyed people with full level 10 and partial level 11 teams because they targeted my level 7 Naomlen or Tommus first.

The thing is that they are all very powerfull…(only pvp wise, as pve most of them are just horribad).

Here are some of the pointers i have come to use.

Naomlen : dominate, prevent moves or kill Naomlen (as the rogue, she can 1 shot litterally anyone hitting over 1k / 4 times a single target).

Sarvin: Disarm him to prevent the push back. He is normally my second or third target depend on the combo, definitly do not keep him last, with a 100% legendary bow proc chance you’re entire team will die from 150 K hits.

Wizard: disarm her as fast as possible because she will trie to disarm your entire party and prevent them from moving… hitting over half of your team health with both attacks. she is normaly my first or second target. Her proc ability on legendary staff is also insane (anyone on the map, even 5 rows further will get hit for almost 90% of their health).

warlock: disarm to prevent the 6 turn “can’t move” other than that she sucks… so one of my last enemy… even though the legendary weapon does hit like a truck but only single target, so 2-3 vs her she is doomed.

Barbarian: pure joke, but if you can, try to NOT disarm him (that will cause him to taunt and therefor you won’t be able to hit really valuable targets).

tommy: don’t hit, don’t cc (maybe the “can’t move”) just let him run rampant else he’ll taunt and you’ll have to go through 900 defense with 5000 health or wait 4 turns no deal! The only character that do good damage to him is the rogue, she melts him like crazy

bard: he is one of the weakest characters and can be 1 shotted by almost everyone… even aoes soo i never focus him, he dies from incidental damage.

healer: my top 1 or 2 target because if you don’t have a healer… he’ll be giving the game to the enemy. I want him dead asap hopefully, before the first party wide “regenarate”.

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I agree with all of this. The issue again lies in initiative where Saarvin rolls before a disarm can go off on him and the game’s pretty much over from there unless one player is terrible or very unlucky, which is actually quite often.

Under no circumstances should a character get an attack after EVERY turn. This is beyond initiative, it is more like checkers than D&D. Imagine the enemy’s four characters got to attack every time ONE of yours attacked. It is the same concept…beyond unacceptable and runs into an absurd idea. 4 people are attacking you at once and suddenly you are faster than the wind and able to respond to every attacker as it comes as opposed to being hit on four sides all at once.

This dynamic is pathetic…