Who thought it was a good idea to not only ignore initiative turns when a team has one member left but to count a kill of the oppositions team as the oppositions turn just so the one man left gets to just keep going without the opponent ever getting a turn?

Another glitch or working as intended?

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Honestly, I don’t think they really thought out the PvP aspect of the game, there is no balance to it at all. And, how else to explain availability of insta-kill items in PvP. They just threw PvP in there so that they can say there is one.

Agree. This PvP horrible :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Both should be working as intended.

PvP was designed so that the two players always alternate turns. This is exactly to address the concerns about not being able to do anything. The call it “heroic second wind”, but basically the system is designed to always alternate player turns no matter how many characters remain.

Injure effects occur at the beginning of a character’s turn. They only trigger once the turn has initiated. If the character dies that turn, they still had taken their turn, and it passes to the opposing player.

This adds to the tactical value of injure affects, and also can be played around via healing.

I don’t see a problem.

This seems to be more of an indictment of the injur mechanic, than a justification for how it’s fair that one last team member gets to take turn after turn just because the terrible rng mechanics allow them to kill an opposing team member with every action resulting in the very thing this is supposed to prevent.

I’m more concerned with the player being allowed to act, and having the death of a character on the team count as a PLAYER action leads to the ludicrous 1 man comeback due to this second wind mechanic and lazy coding.

Injur effects should have their own timer, not just piggy backed onto turns. I understand the coding shortcut here but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Given the constraints of how its likely coded, there’s really only 3 options to implement damage over time effects:

  1. trigger damage on injurer’s turn
  2. trigger damage at beginning of injuree’s turn, or
  3. trigger damage at the end of injuree’s turn

Given the heroic second wind system, the first option could result in multiple injure damage triggers before the character even gets a turn. That’s a non starter.

The second option is what is currently implemented.

The final option actually addresses the concerns about player turn denial and is relatively easy to implement given the current code base, while still enabling damage over time.

Therefore, I think that applying injure damage after a players has ended their turn should address the lack of agency felt by players on the receiving end of being effectively locked out by the injure mechanic.

Yeah, which is precisely why it should have it’s own timer and not be piggybacked onto turns.

I’d need more information on how they’ve coded this but I’m near absolutely certain there’s a way to code this separately to avoid the three scenarios you’ve detailed here.

DoT mechanics aren’t new to turn based games.

I’m on the fence still about the whole second wind system. It seems to exacerbate more than it ameliorates.

I’ve had matches where initiative is like points on Whose Line, they’re made up and dont really matter. There have been matches when my opponent gets two turns in a row. Also, and this happens far more often, my initiative order will randomly change so my image who was next in line now has the last spot on the list. This is a bad game overall.