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Injure is So Unbalanced

I can’t be the only one that feels this way… Injure is so good it’s silly. Having a high damage over time would be one thing. Having a high damage over time that also Steals the opponents turn when the injure kills their hero at start of turn is complete BS.

When you outright kill an opponent before their turn is about to happen without injure just by a normal attack it doesn’t skip their turn which is fair. Why can’t Injure be Coded this way? It would stand to reason that if injure was even changed to happen at the end of the injured heroes turn and not the beginning it would still most likely have enough damage to kill in one hit + injure, but seems like it wouldn’t skip back to opponents turn. And if the damage wasn’t quite enough to kill in one shot plus the injure at end of turn you would still get one more action out of that hero which also seems fair. Gives start of turn abilities a chance to heal or restore or have the available action to use an ability to heal or restore. Would at least level the playing field a bit and not feel like absolute BS when you have the opponent down to one hero with a high dmg injure weapon and they wipe out 3-4 of your team without you even getting a turn… As it is now Having restore gear equipped doesn’t even really do much cause the injure DoT happens at start of turn before Most the restore at start of turn gear can even happen so your using gear specifically to counter and it’s ineffective…

I’m sure there are even better solutions without just outright taking the nerf bat out on the dmg to injure weaps.

The Devs have to know how broken unbalanced it is with the newer Heroes Joppa and Pikel having injure immunity options. Unfortunately Pikels injure immunity has such a long cool down that it typically only gets 1 use per PvP match and has worn off by the time you get them down to 1-2 hero’s when it really matters. And it also shows they know Cause of the low damage that they have given to Pikels injure weapon.

Do you guys feel that injure is fun to use and play against in its current state?
Are you sick of getting opponents down to 1 Farideh or Calli vs your 3-4 heroes and losing from injure never giving you another turn to act?
There’s no way Boris Callis injure sword should proc 5 times in a row at a 25% chance. And that happens way more often than it seems statistically possible.

I’m only a single player and only have my experience to go off of. Has this happened to others MULTIPLE matches? Does it make the game fun?

I agree with this statement

Super fun/useful.

Nope, cause you can do the same.

Boris has 50% proc rate after lvl 3.

Ok sure Boris at level 3 50%… understandable at that level to get it to proc more often than not. But dude I’m only in burnt bone battling under 3250 trophy opponents with hero’s that are between 13-16 and find it incredibly hard to believe a level 13-14 Calli has a level 3+ Boris… it’s absolutely maddening that a hero dying at the start of turn from injure skips back to the opponents turn. Do you not feel that it could be balanced to Let the injure kill and Not skip turns? Like getting killed at the start of the turn is strong enough to not also be punished by skipping turns. @Fizbanius thank you for you thoughts and input.

Speaking of an unbalanced skill… dominate comes to mind🤡

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At least Dominate is subject to Heroic resistance unlike injure that can Nuke in one shot and skips a turn…and Dominate is not available on many toons Unlike Injure. Almost every hero has an injure option. And the most commonly seen Dominate (Calli) at least is an ability with a cool down period unlike most injures that are on weapons and have no cool down so injures can be applied every attack essentially one shotting and Stealing turns…

There has to be a balance point. Never been a fan of one shots. There’s no challenge. At most injure should take 2 full turns to kill the affected toon. Giving you a chance to toss a heal or restore. Take some damage, but not melt the bar. When you get hit without having made a move it makes the ‘start of turn block’ pointless. I dont want to win every match, that’s not fun either. There has to be some way to fix it.

Tommus, Taunt/Regenerate + Auto Restore

That’s how I put up with Injure.

Unfortunately this is the reality. Consider that when you reach level 18/19 you start fighting level 20 bots equipped with lvl 4 legendaries.

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Restore at start of turn does next to nothing cause injure happens before the restore.

Which could also be a re balance. I don’t get how if it’s my turn, my start of turn abilities don’t get priority over the injure an opponent’s ability…

If an injure that does well over 2k dmg procs on you and you have health lost from just getting hit even with restore at start of turn gear equipped your Dead. Like I said I don’t necessarily mind dying to injure. It’s the Skipping Your turn and right back to opponents turn that Leads to them just injuring again to a different hero and skipping your turn again so you never get another turn…

That’s just part of the game you have to prepare for and play around.
Don’t let Calliope live long. Don’t let Farideh be their last hero. Don’t be within 2 range of Saarvin with a poison bow.
Do put full restore boots on Halbenet. Do have high AC so if Injure procs, it won’t multiply as much on your turn.

So many ways to play around it. Or abuse it. Or straight up avoid it.

Boris is 50% at level 2

I never thought of all that, I change my mind, everyone switch to injure and forget equipping/ using dominate.

Thanks Blazenkks for that deep insight🙂

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@Khmer there is a reason why lots of the top players are running injure builds :slight_smile:

Usually when a Games “Meta” ends up with a huge number of people all using the same items it’s a sign of unbalance. Usually responsible developers take a look at their player bases stats and will make adjustments to such items to keep things from getting stale or ruining the experience… like I said with newer heroes having Injure immunity options it shows that Ludia knows injure is unbalanced…In PvE if something dies on the start of its turn from the injure it doesn’t automatically skip turns back to the player… I don’t get why they can’t see this is a flaw in PvP…and that being down the dead hero isn’t strong enough on its own without skipping your turn as well. Even if they made injure subject to heroic resistance in PvP It would be an improvement it makes little sense how an ability that can one shot and skip turns is one of the only status affects that isn’t When immobile, disarm, and stun which basically do the same thing by skipping a player’s ability to act Are subject to heroic resistance…
I can’t be the only one that feels this way…


Your Boris lvl 3 is injure 300%/turn??

Looks like they are highlighting level 4 stats not level 3 :man_facepalming:

My apologies my comment did not live up to your standards for a valuable post. This is my first post, and I was replying specifically to the post that included a screenshot of the Boris lvl3 (in italian)–I did not realize that the forums display the comments without indicating the message it was in response to.


200% lvl 3 (50% chance)

This is now absurd, considering that players may only get said legendaries by buying them since red chests are now super rare and no longer have good odds for getting legendaries.

I remember all the great times I had while I was actually playing D&D, getting iron short swords from all the dragons I killed, then merrily going to town and buying vorpal and holy avenger swords from the local watering hole. Thanks for emulating the experience so accurately, Ludia!

As to the injure issue, I agree it is broken. There is really no sense when one toon can put down 4 without the chance to even respond once. Yes, I have heard it before: don’t leave that toon last. Sometimes, the game gives you no options as to who is still standing after procs and crits. Besides it seems like more and more toons shouldn’t be left to last.


Agree. My advice is: farm gems in LH and try buying a Legendary pack a week, focusing on Sheva staff as a first Legendary to max. Once you have it maxed you can farm any dungeon in roughly 5 minutes (but also al level 3 is great). At that point you can customize your strategy on whatever your playstyle/interest is (PVE, PVP, completionist, etc…) and prioritize any char you may prefer (usually Saarvin + bracers).