Inorpious Rex

Inorpious rex


isn´t critical camoflauge the same as critical ambush? other than that it looks great.

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Whilst it’s a definitely great concept and with a nice kit as well, it’s stats are excessive. 2,048 damage, 200 speed, and 40% crit? It feels too much. I feel 115-ish speed, 25% crit, and 1400 damage would be more fitting. Health would also be more fitting at 4350 or 4200. Other than that, it’d be a great concept for another Mega Hybrid! (Although I do dislike the use of more Carnotaurus in this thing)


Awesome drawing :grin:

Nerf it by like 40% in every category

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Personally I don’t think we need another scorpios rex but cool concept

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less speed
less attack
less hp
less crit chance

well hp is tolerable but in jwa hp stats supposed to be divisible by 3

Isn’t it just divisible by 150

no by 3 or 50 i guess

150 should also work but that hp stat still doesn’t cut it