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Inostherium new rare hybrid

Inostherium - Rare Hybrid; Cunning; Group Damage Superiority. Revenge.

Inostrancevia + Archaeotherium.

Cunning Strike, Mutual Fury, Group Distraction, Revenge Impact.

Higher-than-average attack. average HP, extreme speed.

100% Distraction and 50% DoT resistances.

How you think about it
But for me change Revenge impact to Defense shattering impact it cool


how much ph, damage, speeds, shielding and crit it will have? (speculation)

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I guess average of archaeotgerium and inostrancevia
Hp around 3500 - 4200
Atk around 1000 - 1400
Speed around 127 - 131
Armor 10% i guess
Critical 5%- 10%
All this i guess

Yeah, It should have at least one shattering move

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Yea it should has shattering move
Change cunning strike to group shattering strike
That will ok

I liked your first suggestion better, replacing revenge impact for dsi. Or even revenge dsi, that would be awesome. I think It needs cunning strike to survive.

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Ok that okay

I am so looking forward to this one the picture looks so cool

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You’re right.

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