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Inostrancevia hybrid ideas?

I’m new here so pardon if I mess anything up. but I think inostrancevia needs a hybrid or two. I had two different ideas for some hybrids that it could receive.

first I think it would be interesting if it got a hybrid with anklocodon, they both are quadrupedal creatures with the potential to make something good for defense. the hybrid would be either epic or legendary.
Distracting shield
Slowing impact
Revenge rampage
Mutual fury
Immunity (passive)
Armor-piercing counter (passive)

this may be a bit overpowered Idk, stat-wise its defence would be 30% and its crit chance would be 25%, for the other stats I’m not sure what they would be.

another hybrid could be with dimodactylus, the hybrid would be legendary, and would be a more offensive creature.
Lethal swoop
Revenge protection
Distracting strike
Instant rampage
immune to DoT

I really want to know your opinions on these ideas. and if you have any ideas for their stats let me know.
thank you…

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I would like the ankylodon and inostrancevia hybrid. I would like there to be a hybrid of inostracevia and allosuarus gen two. It would be a legendary hybrid and it could be named allostracevia. It could also have a super hybrid and it could be allostracevia and baryonyx gen 1 to create allostronyx which of course would be a unique and would have to have a revenge shattering impact.


that does sound like it would be a useful creature to have

i do think one of the new hybrids for the next update will be between ophicodon and baryonyx gen 2. it may happen or it wont, either way i need something to spend my ophicodon dna on.

would it be ok if i drew both allostrancevia and allostronyx? if it is ok id like to know how you think they would look?

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It would be ok if you drew them. For the hybrid of ino and allo I think the body of allosuarus should be the main body shape. The head of allostracevia to be a longer shouted but not to much longer than allosuarus’ head and the fangs that ino has would be cool. A shorter tail too. The colors I think I want the pinkish under belly of inostrancevia to be incorporated to allostracevia and the blue neck to become a strip down the back of allostracevia which goes along the spicks the allosaurus has. The other colors I am not sure about so if you have any ideas for them then use them. I want the toes and claws to be by four. Four claws on each hand, and four toes on each feet.


And for the hybrid of allostracevia and baryonyx. The snout of allostracevia should be a bit longer to the size of baryonyx and it should keep the fangs. The colors I think should be green with a blue under belly. The body shape should be a bit smaller and thiner but a bit of a longer tail. And tha claws and toes should be the same.


Hopefully I was clear enough in what a said and when you are ready to ahead and freely draw at will.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you didn’t give any of them basic attacks

what do you mean?

They don’t have an attack that they can use without cooldown

oh your right, i can fix that. do you nave any opinions on other moves they should have?

yeah that works

Ok am just try my hand at the hybrid

Anky plus Ino
Armor Piercing Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact
Distracting Shield
Armor Piercing Rampage

Dimodact plus Ino

Instant Pinning Strike
Cleansing Swoop
Rampage and Run
Swap in Wound

could i use these?

I don’t see why not

cool, i will credit you