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Unfortunately, I am having issues finding Inostrancevia. I believe I am in Area 4, but I am not sure.

I have found a bunch of Miragai’s and a few Gallimimus. Is it worth going for Dodocevia?

I also have the regular “rare” compies at level 9 and am working on finding the “epic” Compsognathus to eventually make the “unique” Compsocaulus.

Here is a quick description of dinos I regularly find:
Allosaurus, Tarbosaurous, Hatzegopteryx, Dimetrodon Gen 2, Dracorex Gen 2, Majungasaurus, Purussaurus Gen 2, Stygimoloch Gen 2, Proceratosaurus, Dimetrodon Gen 1, Baryonyx, Gorgosaurus, Entelodon, Meiolania, Koolasuchus Gen 1 & 2, Spinosaurus, Nodosaurus, Einasuchus, Elasmotherium, Euoplocephalus, Apatosaurus, Triceratops Gen 1 & 2, Deinocheirus, etc.

Is it worth me waiting on the update and hoping my abundance of Tupandactylus DNA creates whatever new flock flying dino, or continuing for the ones I suggested above?

Here is a quick photo of my most updated team:

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If ur in zone 4 u are lucky coz u can also streamline ur focus in scorpios rex gen 2 and 3


Thank you! I’ve been going for those. I actually barely made both the Scorpious Gen 2 and Indominus Rex Gen 2 and am currently leveling them up slowly but surely.

I’m hoping the next flock dinos appear in Zone 4 if that’s the case… Or multiple zones. Hoping to add another decent but versatile dino to my team. I’ll add a picture of my current team to the post.


Hello, welcome!

Thank you. I’ve been playing for almost a month and have been making constant changes to my team. Hoping to find some nice legendaries or uniques. Feel free to make any suggestions for updates that I should make to my team. I’ve been completing the campaign pretty religiously, but it’s not worth leveling my Triceratops anymore, so I am going to be swapping that one out soon.

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Currently as Andrewsarchus has mediocre hybrids i could suggest levelling it lvl 20, as much as you can, and using it thru rare tourneys,

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Also u have sooooo much coin, spend it on levelling, that’s the reason it’s there for at the start :wink:

Thank you. I noticed that too. I was thinking Andrewsarchus is pretty good due to the rendering takedown + no escape for a turn ability + speed resistance. I’ll keep leveling Andrewsarchus and Draco up with some of the coins.

I do have the JW Alive Field Guide but wanted to be certain I am going for the right dinos to continue leveling.

I appreciate your advice and have leveled Andrew to level 18 for now. I’ll level it to 20 within a week or two. I want to keep collecting more coins to replenish a little before spending more unless I find something really worth leveling alongside too.

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Cool lineup, how did you grind so much to have dracoceratops???


That’s a wise strategy, also I am curious tho as to how you have so much Andrew DNA if ur in zone 4, as Andrew is zone 2 in my belief


Thank you! I catch absolutely every triceratops and Dracorex Gen 2 I see. The Triceratops is superabundant and the same with Dracorex. I like Triceratops for the swap in stun, but my Woolly Rhino has better stats at a lower level and higher damage.

Honestly, it was an accident. I played the campaign a ton since I started. I’ve been trying to catch up to my Wife and finally surpassed her. The campaign is a great help to level quickly, but also level everything that’s level 1 to at least level 5 and then I used the JW Field Guide to decide from there.

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That’s interesting. I seem to see tons of Andrews each day. I catch absolutely every Andrew, and anything that I feel could be useful for my team. My team is basically built with tons of abilities based on swap and counters.

I really want to find more flock related dinos, and there is a park near, so I can possibly find more Dodo, but I saw Dodocevia would have a revenge ability and solid damage output. Fingers crossed I get lucky with one Inostrancevia so that I can start requesting some DNA for it.

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That’s interesting perhaps ur on the border of a zone 2/4 region

That’s a good assumption, thank you! Very plausible. I’ll be going to Mt. Chimney this up and coming week. I’ll have my fingers crossed that I can find at least one Inostrancevia and a few other new ones. Hoping to use one of my rare scents while I am up there… Maybe a few giga scents too. Cheers!

Good luck to you pal :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I wish you the best of luck with any Dinos you are focused on catching too. I didn’t expect to sign up to the forums today, but I am happy I did. :innocent:

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If those are the dinos you usually find, then you’re in Local 2, not 4

Also, yes, DodoC is totally worth it. It’s one of the few Legendaries that are able to take on Uniques. Definitely recommendable.