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Inquiries regarding the application of skills

Hello, I am a Korean user playing Jurassic World The Game. Recently, I felt that the fighting style of this Jurassic World The game was a little boring, and I asked to apply a little skill to the dinosaurs like Alive. What are your opinions???
Below is the content of the inquiry.

Hi I am a Korean who enjoys playing Jurassic World the game. I would like to thank Lydia for releasing such a wonderful game over the past 6 years. However, in this game, Korean users presented the following complaints. That’s just too simplistic fighting style. The three combat modes of attack, defense, and point storage last too long, and the interest is gradually diminishing. So, I’m going to present a development plan that gives dinosaurs simple skills so that they can play the game more excitingly without departing from the original fighting style. Let’s take an example. velociraptor Skill Name: Group Call = Automatically activates when Velociraptor’s HP is below 20%. Instantly summons 2 fellows and recovers 50% of the user’s HP. And when attacking in that state, it will attack with two of its own kind, so it deals double the original damage. Triceratops Skill Name: Will to Fight = Activates when Triceratops has reached 0 health due to battle. You can fight with 0 HP for 2 turns. Indominus Rex Skill Name: Psychosis = Activated when attacked by an opponent’s dinosaur. Disrupts the mind of the opponent dinosaur with a roar, preventing the opponent dinosaur from using attack points for 1 turn, and at the same time, Indominus Rex recovers 5% of its lost HP. Parasaurolophus Skill Name: Song Name = If Parasaurolophus is alive, the opponent has a 20% chance to lose 1 point each turn. Indoraptor Skill Name: Cruel Slayer = Gain 1 additional stack every turn, and have a certain chance to activate the group fear ability when casting all attacks. Group Fear cannot be replaced by dinosaurs, and the attack power of the target dinosaur is reduced by half, and the Indoraptor recovers a portion of the damage when attacking. I’ve been thinking about it like this. I really like Jurassic World the game and put a lot of love into it. I believe it would be an amazing game if even a little bit of these elements were reflected in combat. Please take this opinion into consideration. Thank you!!!

This is why we have mods. The base battle mechanics are indeed simple, but that’s why the skill in this game comes down to lineup management and balance. It’s a progression game, not a battle game. That’s where Alive comes into play, where it’s more strategy and battle intensive.

I don’t think Ludia will change the mechanics 6 years after release, which is why they attempted that with the now late boosters, which later became the framework for mods.


Being a JWA player too I can definitely say yes it’s battle intensive, and takes a while to understand. JWTG battle actions are extremely simple in contrast to Alive. However there is a good chunk of RNG involved in Alive battles :woozy_face:


Agreed. So many things like raids, PvP, darting, and resources are up to rng. It’s nice to be able to switch from one to the other.