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[Inquiry] will we still get a full week of Darwin?


Hatz has been flooding the map the past 4 days as consistently as it had been during its designated week. No boosted Darwin sightings consistent with what’s to be expected for an epic during a “Hybrid Pursuit” however.
Is this meant to be 11 days of hatz and 3 days of Darwin ?
Or will the Darwin days be extended ?


Doubtful. In their mind, Darwin was already available, given their response in the where is Darwin thread.


Shame on Ludia, really disappointment for everything :frowning:


Hey Hersh, the active sightings for Darwinopterus had increased since the beginning of this week. However, since it’s an Epic creature, it still might not have been seen that often.


If that’s the case, why were Hatze still spawning everywhere this morning?


As expected reply … Then why the common bird is still everywhere?


i see one finally :grin:

might not be there when i go get it, but it’s out.


Thanks for the reply, but it didn’t switch. I had Hatless Garys everywhere (not park) right up to the maintenance today, just as when it was their week.

Also, the stops are still pink.

Looking in from the outside, it appears something didn’t reset or trigger.


Basically we lost over 48 hours of potential Darwin time.


Yeah, as usually. You won’t even admit an obvious mistake and try to fix it.
Devs have forgotten to switch to Darwin, we lost more then 48 hours of featured epic, but Ludia doesn’t care and even deny it. Great.


Really no one has actully seen one lol


I’m confident that we should see the appropriate amount of Darwin’s after this mornings maintenance… but it won’t account for what should’ve been the spawn rate for the past several days


I dunno why anyone would expect professionalism from them after a full month of decreased supply drop yield for non-VIPs during what was supposed to be the “boosted supply drops” event (~January).


Please, than at least extend the darwin week for 7days now on.
Next week from wednesday (4days) would be absolutely enough to give to stigy g2 event. Its sad to have just 4 days to dart darwin…


Sadly, I won’t be able to do that on my end, @PJ79.


Complete BS. Also, it takes 10 times as much Hatz DNA as Darwin DNA per fuse so it stands to reason that we should see 1 Darwin for every 10 Hatz we saw previously. I saw dozens of Hatz every day, I doubt I will see more than 1 Darwin per day, if that.


[the mods only manage the forum and not the game itself]


Thank god hatz birb is gone. Maybe Tarbos are back again.

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If that’s the case you can a least speak to ludia?
Asking them to extend it or at least for them to provide communication to us players about it.

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I can understand everyone’s concerns, @Kristen_Jackson_Roe, and I had relayed it to our team. I was reassured that Darwinopterus for the Hybrid Pursuit has been ongoing since Monday.