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[Inquiry] will we still get a full week of Darwin?

I haven’t seen one of them only hatz taking up Tarbo night space. And I’ve done some extensive traveling. If I see one today Idk how to feel but thanks.


I think if Darwin was live since Monday, there would have been reports.

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these events are planned by the same person that started alliance rush prize with premium incubator? said we’d be able to dart tenontorex last weeked? etc…?

makes sense now.


Can you please ask them to explain why zero Darwin have been reported from anyone and why the other bird was still in abundance? When it should of gone thanks.

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Honesty is a facet of moral character that connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Honesty also involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.

Please show that to Ludia…


oh it’s simple. just a connection issue for literally everyone who plays the game. all is perfect on ludia’s side as usual.

had a connection issue myself that appears to have cancelled my VIP. im thinking it might be resolved around the time (IF) ludia starts acting like a professional company.


I darted a Darwin this afternoon, after the maintenance. First one I have seen this week.

Yes cus today is the day it started which is weds but obviously ludia are mixed up as they think it’s Monday

That’s not true, nor possible. Hazte has been spawning globally all week until today’s maintenance. While Hazte was global all time, Darwin could not have been global all time.
It’s not possible that both creatures are featured at the same time, therefore Darwin hasn’t been featured until after today’s update.

Please, let the developers know this issue, since we have missed more than 60 hours of Darwin spawns. They can compensate us by sending 250 Darwin DNA to our inbox as they did with the cash for the update compensation.

It’s really easy to be honest, acknowledge mistakes, treat customers fairly and keep them happy. One just need to be willing it…

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If Ludia had one guy who actually played their own game there would be no need for such “reassuring”. Either the guy keeps seeing tons of hatzegopteryx after the supposed “switch” or he doesn’t. We all certainly did.


Let’s not take shoots at Ned please guys. He’s doing his best to help.


Ned, I am am heavy hunter. I have seen zero Darwin up until after maintenance today when I saw two in the space of 35 minutes. It is simply not true that they have been available. Look at the thread where we talk about them not having started. No one said they were seeing them. And everyone was still seeing the last ingredient.


Well, just in case is not clear enough, I’m not taking shots at Ned.
We are communicating him an issue so he can send word to whom corresponds. I think we understand he’s only Ludia’s vocal here.


Hard hunter all week, here. 0 Darwin, all Hats. :expressionless:


Then please ask ludia why hartz was still flying about up untill maintenence today and Darwin wasn’t?

Hartz is black and Darwin is yellowish… Even ludia can’t make that mistake.

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Hello J.C. , players are not mad at Ned, You (the mods) are our messengers… We just want our messages to be delivered.

Please tell Ludia to be Honest and don’t try to fool us and stop treating us as babies, It they speak with the truth we will understand but if they try to fool us we will not be happy.

Again, Just be Honest




One of my alliance member have already travelled 2000 miles since monday (as hes a driver) and didnt see any til the update


I haven’t seen any darwin in the wild after driving over one hundred miles since this week…I still see tons of hatze birds…yesterday…they are everywhere for the last ten days

I thought the pursuit would start on Thursday…

My friend ran 4 epic scents today and found nothing…Last month I ran 18 scents and found only 2…

I have the same experience with epic scents used on darwin week…even by useing them in parks