Insane opponent teams


I hover around 3500 trophies with this team:

I get matched with people up to 3800 trophies. Today I was checking the teams of my recent opponents and found this beauty:

I have no idea how this guy can possibly be stuck at 3666, but it startles me how insane the teams are I’m facing. I regulary see 3/4 legendaries, but this guy tops it all.

Do you guys sometimes feel misplaced once you see the kind of teams your opponents can assemble?


He or she was probably Arena dropping. But yeah Ludia should be doing something about this. I remember in my 3rd or 4th arena match I was put up against some one with a level 17 T-Rex.


That’s a ~4400 team. Probably an arena dropper.


Why are they dropping? For T-Rex in incubators or just simple wins?


They either incorrectly believe it will help them get DNA they want or they are tired of losing and just want some easy wins. Or worst case scenario they like griefing people.


@PeterDR That’s one of the world’s biggest mysteries.


Maybe they got sick of playing this person…


I just dropped out of 8 after a losing streak, not on purpose. I have 7 legendaries on my team, which is typical in Arena 8. I was as high as almost 4,300 trophies but something has changed… maybe the cheaters are having fun with us before they get the ban hammer? I don’t intentionally lose to drop arenas, I’m too competitive for that.

BTW, you have a good team and should do well.


Yeah I wish lol that’s one of my opponents teams.


Lol I meant the OP’s team… the one you’re referring to is the reason I keep getting knocked down to Arena 7 (at least I just got T Rex DNA) :smirk: