Insane Pricing


Hello guys,

Hello to my fellow players! I hope you guys are having a fantastic experience on the game. I love this game so much, the new update is cool but I have some couple of issues with it but I posted that on a separate topic. This one is for the insane pricing. Ludia is charging ridiculous amount of money, maybe they should lower the amount of money at least 25% or even 20% charge this game will be perfect. I hope I am not the only who thinks that the app charges ridiculously amount of money just to buy some exclusive contents.

I hope Ludia is reading or at least considering this because I am really a fan of this franchise and the film as well.


I agree fully that the costs are far far too high. But you do have to remember that Ludia have paid out to use a franchise with associated imagery and such like.

But with that in mind a suggestion i would put forward be to scrap the rising cost for the level up offer and simply have it at a set price around $12 - £15 dollars. That way people could benefit and Ludia would continue to get a steady supply of cash where as now how many people can afford the rising costs? I just reached 11th level and the cost was nearly £50 GBP!!!

The cost for the special incubators needs a good drop in cash as well otherwise they will simply be for those players with disposable incomes. As much i would like to buy them I just cannot afford to drop cash on something like that.


Ludia has and will never change their prices cost, if you have the capacity to buy incubators or hard cash so do it, I’ve played Jurassic World: THE GAME and their legendary pack (epic incubators in JWA) where not useful, you just need to play the game like regular players! At least they have special incubator giving you more chance to get your dino!


I have bought several offers when they were $5, $10, even one at $20. I just made level 11 and the “One Time Offer” was $50.

Yep, that cured me from ever buying an offer again. That is an INSANE price.

Does it mean I now hate Ludia? Nope not at all, it just means they will never get my money again when if they had kept the prices down in the $5 to $15 range I would have still bought the occasional.


Yes, same I only bought one $50 one time offer. It’s a great deal but seriously that’s almost the equivalent of a xbox one or ps4 game… I love this game but I’d prioritize my money with other things that can keep me relaxed and happy :grin:

This game is a pixel after all, am I wrong?


My thought exactly, no one time offer is worth the price of a tier 1 PC game (or pretty damn close to it).


I understand what you are saying but by lowering prices they will make more money. The same people who are spending hundreds if not thousands will still do so (getting more for their money) and people who couldn’t afford to before will be able to and that will provide Ludia with more.


Yeah the cash price for most stuff is ABSURD. they’d get a lot more buyers if they lowered the prices jfc


Honestly I thought the prices were really high for me so I am not going to join VIP with 10 Euros / months, I usually play games for 2 years or so, thus I don’t have 240 Euro to put in this game.
Luckly I bought the one time offer for reaching level 10 yesterday (2.09 Euro it is a fair price) first in-app purchasing for me in this game. Now I am reading that price of the one time offer for level 11… :scream::scream::scream: I will definetly not spending this amount of money. If the prices for the one time offer will go down, there are high possibility I will make other shopping in this game.


We just leveled up tonight and it was 84.99 that is a PlayStation game price and I paid for the last one which was the same price but no more it’s way too costly, we also have the VIP and get the arena deals


Is levelled up to 12 the other day and the one time offer was £19.99 GBP… seems to be inconsistent.


Same goes for me. I think the pricing is crazy and Lucia would even make more revenues with lower prices.