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Insect update

I was thinking the next big update could be one revolving around insects. These are some ideas regarding features in the update

Types and Type advantages

Aerial -> Desert
Desert -> Forest
Forest -> Aerial

The starting creature: Meganeuropsis Permiana (Giant Dragonfly)
Rarity: Tournament
DNA cost: 7,500
Type: Aerial
Stats at level 40:
Health: 2805
Attack: 925

Pulmonoscorpius (Giant Land Scorpion)
Rarity: Legendary
DNA cost: 3,500
Type: Desert
Stats at level 40:
Health: 1500
Attack: 410
Coin: 120,078/4H

Euphoberia (Giant Centipede)
Rarity: Legendary
DNA cost: 3,750
Type: Forest
Stats at level 40
Health: 1354
Attack: 654
Coin: 115,903/2H

Let me know what you all think of this.


Welcome to the forum. Lots of useful stuff here.

As for your idea, personally, I feel like there are enough minor and somewhat major issues with the current roster of creatures for them to focus on before inviting a whole nother class to the party.

There is a need for more comprehensive bug fixes as well before they expand the game.

I know this isnt the type of discussion you were looking for, but I’m a cranky old man yelling at youngin’s to GET OFF MY LAWN and such


As Dan Ball has said, there needs to be fixing with the current issues before anything else.

@Dragon9754 welcome to the forum! :smiley: Though @Dan_Ball and @anon43877113 are right and that other issues need to be fixed, I am personally intrigued by the Insect Update.


I do like the idea, but I fear it would just end up like the current aquatic and ceno, where they aren’t really used for anything in the game.

I would rather theM first expand the aquatic and Ceno to be more prominent.


I like the thought this has been something being asked for on the forums for quite some time… we can always hope.


New Ceno hybrids is what we need.

This is my all time favourite for an update. As a matter of fact this was the reason why I joined the forum a while ago.
To make the proposal of a new class with prehistoric insects and to see how the community reacts to it.
The response was quite disillusioning these days.


Because we need Balancing of Aquatics and Cenezoics. The idea is nice. But Ludia would not be happy. In JWA,when they were about to release the Permian Update everybody was super hyped for lots of amazing Permian creatures,and they ended up releasing only 3 creatures and the update was a massive disappointment. Nothing of such has happened in JWTG as the aquatic and Cenezoic updates went well

Nice! It will be really awesome if we did have insects, but Ludia probably might club it with the Ceno Setup because they’re too lazy to make new creatures more often (…looking at the Gen 2 series :relieved:).

Another reason why is because the Aqua and Ceno setup is a lagoon and biodome respectively and you can view just one creature at a time, in contrast to a particular nostalgic game’s setup where the Aqua and Ceno worlds were set up in a Park arrangement just like the Jurassic set up. :arrow_heading_down:


Giant Scorpion sounds like a tourney dino.

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I’d like to see a prehistoric moth that is a complete and total rip off of Mothra at level 40

Dodo should be a glass cannon cenozoic VIP. Can 1 shot an elephant (deinotheirum).

Yeah! Then gets eaten by the Dogs(Amphicyon)