Insects are coming!

The recent confirmation by Ludia (which, I know, is subject to change) that INSECTS :beetle: will be coming to JWA made me super happy! After aquatics, they’ve always been high on my wishlist! Already hyped to possibly see meganeuras, arthropleuras and the amazing dominion locusts in game!
But those creatures are so different than everything, that they bring to mind some crazy, ridiculous ideas! Don’t take them seriously XD

Certain insect classes come in swarms. They work basically like flocks, however they have one hundred members! Good luck taking on them without group attacks :sweat_smile:


Need I say anything? If insects do come to the game, they’re bound to have some hybrids. And while a meganeura + arthropleura hybrid may look normal, hybridizing insects with vertebrates can sure lead to um… interesting? designs

A new ability utilised by the Giant Locust as well as its’ hybrids!
Targets All Oponents. Nullify all positive effects, bypass Armor, Rend 999.9% of Target’s max HP, Attack 100X, Damage Over Time 200.0% of target’s max HP for 2 turn(s).
The swarm of locusts then proceeds to instantly eat its’ target to the bone, and a dead skeleton drops to the ground.

A 100% Resistance to “Corporate conspiracy”. This atribute is only shared by creatures created by Biosyn (such as giganotosaurus, quetzalcoatlus or therizinosaurus) and their hybrids! Once Biosyn release the locusts into the wild, Biosyn Inc. with monopolously rule over the entirety of Jurassic World Alive!

I’m curious to hear about your crazy insect ideas!


I don’t want locusts only arthropleura and meganeura


Brontoscopio would be cool to see also


I made that in JWA toolbox

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The Mortem and bug hybrid shook me to the core. I literally was like “NO!” in my head lol


Welcome to the forums!

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Wait until Ludia releases some sort of a mammothpleura :bug:


Battles will last for eternity then… :skull:


Naw their is a match limit I think it’s like 5 minutes… used to happen quite frequently in grypo vs grypo match up.

Would you like locusts to be added in the game?

  • Yes
  • Idk
  • No

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Unless those last to are jokes, no thank you. I would DESPISE seeing that, as that’s just ridiculous. Now if it was balanced I wouldn’t mind some insects (no more bugs please, I saw 2 just in the first 5 minutes of 2.17)


A person on JWA Gamepress discord, who goes by name Giganyx, actually suggested a really great idea!
Swarms with a lot of members could exist if they didn’t have the absorb ability. As their hp goes down, the swarm gets smaller and the attack gets smaller and smaller. I think that could actually be a serious feature!


Great idea

And I’m assuming the last 2 are jokes

This is a dinosaur game… we don’t need insects

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I’m sorry to tell you that we need insects, first a dinosaur game included cenozoic , which are composed of mammals, snakes, and birds, this game also included animals from the time of large insects , amphibians, so I think that would be an excellent idea! especially since JWD has highlighted insects named Giant Locust, you know that locusts are real insects from the Orthoptera family, their insects are very devastating and therefore it would be great to have insect pests in the game! it was black Saber’s documentary moment. (this is just my personal opinion)

and also congratulations for the super realistic concept


But i don’t want locusts in this game…


I want to but I remind you that this is my personal opinion, and then I have been fascinated by insects and dinosaurs since I was little so…

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