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Insight Alliance missions


I would really love to know who contributed what. Right now only the members contributing most are shown but that’s just not cutting it. Members only joining to ask for dna and getting some free incubators without doing anything for them are not welcome in my team but there’s just no way for me to check this. Please give us (at least the leaders) some insights on this. Also (i know already requested in another topic) it would be nice to see who’s donated while the request is still active.

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That’s a great idea! In the meantime, you could always ask each member to give a screenshot of their progress?

Like that. It shows in blue what each members contribution is.

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Uhm, no possibility to do so in the alliance chat as far as I can see. But if it could work would be great. Immediate insight is better though. We’ve got members from various continents so when I’m awake half of them are sleeping.


Do you have a discourse chat for just your alliance? They could always post it there if there were any questions.

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I do agree that it would be nice if you could see it in game.

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