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Instant Abilities before SIA

SIAs can be obnoxious at times, but in the end using them is a perfectly legitimate strategy. However, what I find aggravating is having an instant ability already queued up only to have someone swap something in and kill my dino. It is my opinion that instant abilities should come before any other action, or what’s the point of having instant abilities? Opinions?


Also, I never understood how a creature can dodge an attack and still be stunned.


Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’ve never understood that myself.

This ranks right up there with Smilodon dodging an attack… AND STILL GETTING STUNNED BY IT!

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I hope they change the order of SIA and instant in 1.8
But I’d like them to wait as Thors instant doesn’t need to be even more effective.

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Yes I would also accept changing swap in rampage with something less damaging or not damaging at all or that at least does not destroy sheilds

Exactly! But I guess moves like evasive and dodge are lot more manageable this way, especially since moves like “long dodge” might soon be implemented.

I think the order is fine, the problem lies only in SIDSR.

Before SIDSR was introduced, this order posed no problem at all.

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That’s because dodge only dodges the direct damage portion, says it in the tooltip.
Like when Indoraptor dodges lethal wound but still gets the dot applied.

Would be nice if NON damaging priority moves go first before swap in. This way we can put up cloak or evasion or even a shield like in Nodopatotitan as a Defense against Swap in attacks, but also not allow someone to get off a damaging instant charge before we can swap out to safety!

Basically if it’s priority and doesn’t cause damage, have it go first, if it causes damage (ie IC) swap in takes place first.