Instant Ability Theme Week or Weeks

Please add an “Instant Ability” theme week with all or many of the creatures that have instant abilities. There are many so you could do a dual instant ability week and have the two week alliance mission rewards to compliment this theme.

Since there are only 8 creatures with offensive abilities and the rest defensive or regenerative, the strike towers can be either an “Offensive Strike” or “Defensive Strike” or both called an “Instant Ability Strike”. You could also have “Regeneration Strike”, an “Immobilize Strike” and an “Evasive Strike” towers.

You could even go three weeks with this if you want to stretch it out. It lacks common creatures but you can use components of the instant ability creatures to fill the event drops with.

Here is the list of creatures to use:


Anky- yes sir.

I’d like to see less weeks based on abilities and more based on the type of animal… ankylosaurs, sauropods, ceratopsians (once we get some more variety), cenozoics…etc.

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Interesting idea, and good work on the infographic, but I feel the need to point out that Smilocephalosaurus is where Smilodon should be.

I forgot Smilodon.