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Instant AI button to battle

Is it possible to put a button to play against AI instantly before waiting 30 seconds? Much of the time I wanna fight quickly just to win an incubator and then go to sleep.
Sometimes I need to play up to 30 minutes just to get the 8 hour incubator.


I feel that, after x losses in a row, this should be an option because I feel the same way.



as matchmaking is quite disappointing, we need something to fight without so much risk


30 seconds are too long.


I think have AI offer after 3 loses and we should have AI option on battle timeout instead of timeout.

I have spent more time on opponent timeout screen in 2.0 than I have battling.


I’ve wanted this for ages. I can assure the people in charge that I’d battle MUCH more. Would probably even use cash to open incs faster.


People are avoiding the arena because of the update blunders. More bot battle options would go a long way to help get people playing again


Free boosts?
Ludia says, “nah.”


Remove boosts from ai earned incubators could solve that. But then against I think to large percent of the population would just fight ai all the time.


Cant agree more, this is what I see more than half of the time


We need this now. I’ve been battling on and off all day for my incubators, I’m down 400 trophies and I’m absolutely sick of battling full level 30 teams. I don’t want to be top of the leaderboard - I want to get my incubators and do other things…


I agree. I quit PvP along time ago because it would make me angry and stressed. Games are meant to be a form of entertainment, not a source of stress.


They’re not free, though; you’re still limited to opening a certain number of incubators per day unless you pay cash to open them faster, and that’s putting money in Ludia’s pocket in exchange for boosts. The only difference here is that you’d have to do fewer battles overall because you wouldn’t have 1-3 losses for every win. Ludia would have to decide whether that engagement balances out, i.e. would less-frustrated players spend more total time battling than they do now? Would they spend more cash on speedups than they do now?


Here is why Ludia will not have Instant AI:

  1. It will deny their “hardcore” players opponents to push themselves up the leaderboard.

  2. It allows players to farm incubators faster and have an unfair advantage over players who do not speed open incubators. Boosts and DNA.

  3. It makes too much sense to do so.

I am for Instant AI but it will not solve arena matchmaking issues and will make it worse.

Quick battles will make Ludia more money and make players happier but it will make the top PvP players very sad since no one wants to play with them. Not sure how to fix that though.


Pretty spot on…it’s pretty telling when the guy in 1st place is close to 900 trophies higher then the person in 7th…

The fact that over 1300 trophies seperate 1st and 100 is laughable. Whether it’s a meta issue, motivation issue, or boost issue… Ludia has to address the fact… to give some perspective clash royals 100th player is 200 trophies from the person in first. Here number 2 isn’t even that close…

Ultimately an AI button won’t fix it.

Sadly,even if a normal game which have messed up so hard their battle would do that,ludia won’t

You must do the arena to earn your incubator which stock exclusiv DNA,and of course boosts (around 50 or more of each every week)
But in the same time people are just disgust of the arena,even if i have a full team of 30(but not necesary top tier creature),im really sick to play for around 1 hour to fill my incubator slot,i feel like some people like me will definitly stop the game.

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Oh poor top players… :sob:
Forget them.

What about the majority of the playerbase mucking through Aviary right now? WE NEED THE HELP


The problem isnt just AI but the attitude of the playerbase towards arena. I dun mean regular players, I mean those who are focused on efficiency regardless of right or wrong. It is more efficient to just stay in Library/Aviary with a maxxed lvl 30 team and bully everyone than actually going up to Nublar Shores where such a team belongs.

AI will solve 1 part of a multi-aspect problem. Nublar Shores timer, same rewards from Lib to Shores from arena incs, seasonal reset and jerky behaviour are the others.

Getting players to be where they should be is what will make arena fun again. AI will mask the problems and make Ludia think problem solved until PvP loving players leave because they have no good opponents

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They could do it so the button only appears after you lose say three matches in a row

And the worst thing about that is I don’t earn anything not even 1 coin or thophie