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Instant charge bug?

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that instant charge isn’t as reliable as before like in 1.14 with say Thor or rinex it used to always stun and when it didn’t it was seen as like a super rare oddity. Yet now not only does it feel like my rinex just doesn’t stun( seriously I can’t tell you how many times I was up against a Thor, tryko or tentao and like the stun failed kit even giving me a chance. But it’s also not mine my opponents also seem to have way less successful stuns with stuff like Thor, allosino, Utahsino and rinex. Just wonder if they changed the chances to be lower (like 50%) or it’s just been bad rng

When I used Thor and Utasinoraptor, the stun on it was always hit or miss

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True but it was always way more hit than miss the same way dodge (was) like super reliable but now just like dodge it feels toned down

Same without other stun moves but again that could just be RNG but the fact it happened to both me and my opponents is what gets me suspicious

Tenontorex has 67% stun resistance now.

So far my experience with Instant Charge (mostly from opponent Thors) is the same as 1.14.

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Ik but like everytime I stun with it it just doesn’t try apply the effect So then the little resisted icon does appear and tentao just straight up attacks

Stuns have been weird for me across the board since 2.0.

For instance, and this is an accurate count, Phorus landed 1 out 40 swap-in stun attempts. This was not against resistant dinos. 1 out of 40 on a 66% percent chance. Needless to say, I do not even try using it now. I actually removed Phorus from my team because of this…but now I have it back on there, I just don’t use that move.

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Yeah, I’d suggest keeping Phorusaura on your team, even if it’s stun is less reliable.