Instant Charge Has Priority Over Swapping?

So I had stegoceratops facing a utasinoraptor. Tried to swap to diorajasaur. You can see in the screenshot that the game recognized the swap. But it let the raptor instant charge first. Swap is supposed to happen first. This another one of the many known bugs that haven’t been fixed? I won, but still this seems wrong :thinking: :confused:


Could have been your connection. Did the timer reach 0 before anything happened?

It does happen… i dont think its a connection issue… its hard to reproduce by as when i have utahsino out i try to save the instant charge in a situation like this for the next dino in.

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the same 100+ Mbps wifi i’m always using. not my connection.

If you want we can friendly battle to test if it was a glitch or not. I’m always up for figuring out something new to learn an advantage in battling.

The client recognized the swap, but for whatever reason the server didn’t receive the signal before timer reached 0.

You can sometimes have the client show one move as “picked”, but the dino will use the default move. Happens when you’re cutting it close with picking the move.


Yeah sometimes I’m not sure of a move and hit it at the last second. The choice moves up to the top corner but the default move is animated. We ran out of time I’d suggest.

You might be surprised. I am on a supposedly 1Gbit connection and I still don’t get to go 1st when evenly matched against any of my opponents.

Fast download/upload speed doesn’t necessarily mean low ping.

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10 ms

This isn’t an issue of tie breaking to see who goes first. Swapping happens before anything.

Do you have the video ? UI display sometimes wrong information if there are network issues or whatever like switching apps (and remember network issues are not all about quality or speed of your connection).

With the video it’s super easy to spot :

  • The swap happen and it’s indeed a huge bug
  • The game ask you to pick your next dinosaur and it’s not a bug, just an UI mistaken

Screenshots don’t tell about it.

I’ve had it happen, Spectrum cable connection, wasn’t a swap at last few seconds, no other apps running or switched apps.
Also won last night without killing opponents third dino, no lag, no poor ping. I stunned his bird, he still had health, he would have died and I win anyway, but it was odd. I’m sure he was more upset about it than I was.
There are no bugs, just poor connection issues and misunderstandings of the game mechanics. smh

Instant charge is a priority

  • any priority goes first
  • priority happens before any battle action
    So in conclusion, I think you were facing an unable to swap situation, since he used a priority