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"Instant Charge" Stun Bugged?


This by all means doesn’t happen all the time but I’ve had it happen a couple times this week where I’ve used “Instant Charge” their dino is stunned and then in the moment where I should be able to do my “extra” move because they’re stunned suddenly their dino is A ok and attacks me first and kills my own. Hello, half a second ago you were stunned. Doesn’t that mean you don’t get to attack mine for a turn? Am I missing something?:thinking:


Depends if you are the faster dino then use it then yes you get another shot in but if they are faster and you use it since you went first that is considered your move and they got hit without one in return so they get first move next turn… seems odd but it is what it is


It goes like this…

Round 1 - you instant stun… opponent gets stunned and loses its attack.
Round 2 - opponent is able to attack and attacks first if it is faster.

No issue from what i can see.


If you moved first out of turn then that was your stun… if you moved first as the faster dino… I’ll use utahsinoraptor as example… if he uses his instant charge on a slower dino and they get stunned they are stunned Into the next turn… if you used it on say a vraptor then his stun only lasts that turn and the vraptor would attack first next turn


They will miss the attack they chose when you were choosing instant charge. Since you went first they don’t get a turn that round.


Ahh…right. Ok, this makes more sense now. Thanks for the clarification. :zipper_mouth_face: