Instant Charge Stun Is Broken


Allosinosaurus’s instant charge is bugged. You get to go first, you get the attack and you get the stun, but half the time the opponent’s dinosaur just magically gets un-stunned, takes the turn they shouldn’t have and kills you. Costs me the game every single time.

Stun Issue

It is working fine imo. From your video, your oppinent is faster than you, when you used the charged it got stunned for that turn, that is why it did not attack after you. On the next turn, since it is faster than you, it attacked first and killed you.


That has happened to me as well, and I think, technically it shouldn’t… as the opponent should be stunned and should not be able to act on the next turn… hopefully they’ll fix it!


Yeah, looks fine to me. Think of it this way, stun makes you lose one attacking turn, correct? That turn, you both clicked attacks, he’s faster, but your instant charge goes first as it always does. Let’s assume he pressed short defense. You hit, he’s stunned, he doesn’t get to use his short defense. Stun effective, now it’s a new turn. So no more stun. It’s done it’s job and stunned for one turn. Next turn, you did rampage, he did impact, he hits first because he’s faster.


Working as intended. You effectively postpone one of their attacks with your instant stun.

Then it’s the next round of attacks and they attack first because they’re faster.

Against a slower dinosaur it will give you two attacks in a row.

Against a faster dinosaur it won’t but you do get to attack and damage them first with your stun attack where you would normally attack second.


Yeah the move worked fine the only reason you lost is because it was faster it technically killed you with it’s second move


Anyone have the issue where you stun a dino and it should give you the next free move to hit them but it gives the move to the opponent and its basically like you never stunned them and for my case it costed me the game


Yes, I can across a few utasinoraptors that stunned me but I was still able to attack. Perhaps a bug?


Yeah I think it’s a bug as well, this wasn’t the first time I have had this issue and it’s a frustrating one too because if you get the chance to stun you should have the move


you can very clearly see that it worked properly. he is slower, but he selected instant charge. instant charge had priority so it goes off first, enemy stunned, enemy did not use any attack. then next round he selected another move but enemy was faster so enemy attacked first.


This is not a bug people! Stun is not 100% from any dinosaur the most is 75% so there is a 25% chance stun will fail! Same way with indominus cloak is a 50/50 so you play the odds! I have been successful in using cloak 2 times and other battles it worked first time and I took out opponent but next time it failed and they took me out!


i mean technically i guess you could say it worked correctly. ive definitely instant charged against faster dinosaurs and still got 2 attacks in a row which is how i feel is how stun should work. is a dinosaur really stunned if the next action after getting stunned is it getting to attack? lol…

if this is how it is supposed to work, it begs the question of why give Allosinosaurus instant change at 107 speed? All it does it let you go first, unless you happen to be going against one of maybe 4 other dinosaurs in the game slower than it is.


Sometimes stun is a very effective tool! Unfortunately if it is used against a dinosaur that has the ability to do double damage your dinosaur becomes a glass cannon if it doesn’t work!

Just like raptors and indominus are basically glass cannons because their defenses are not 100% especially indominus! I have lost indominus many times to a faster tank or raptor because my cloak and immunity failed!


It is a bug, when it shows you that you have the stun, you got the stun, odds are odds but when odds are in your favor then you get the stun


actually at the time i posted this, it was a 100% guaranteed stun. they have since changed it to 75%, but the odds were not what the post was about.


Sorry I didn’t realize it was such an old thread :grin::upside_down_face::grin: