Instant cloak group? Indom raid boss

Indom raid boss triggered “instant cloak group” skill in rd3. After battle, I checked the dino’s skill and didn’t see this skill listed. Is this usual for a raid boss where certain skills are hidden? Don’t raid much, so was a bit surprised to see this.


Oh that’s new.


Is in turn 2, or 3, i don’t remember :joy:

It shows only round 1
Instant group Cloak is at Round 3

Yes icg came out rd3, I screenshot the indom skill list when it was roaming the map, hence it shows rd1.
Gotta admit, it was pretty scary to have 3 cloaked dinos staring at you in the face.
Definitely a “oops…” moment lol :joy:


Boss moveset changes each round, that screen only ever shows Round 1. Mid-battle during Round 3 if you tap on the Boss you’ll see the move.

Right thanks for clearing this up!

that is round one

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Yup this has been cleared up, I don’t do raids much, hence forgot raid boss’s skills change in certain rounds.

So, I was doing well in the raid with some other friends, but we didn’t have creatures with resilient strikes, but made it out of each round with practically full health, but that group cloak demolished us :joy: :sob:


Yeah i had that moment too. Tbh the raid is easy to that point. we almost did it with an indom 20, pho 20, mono 17, and a bajatonodon 16. Indom died turn 2 so it was useless.

does that thing have 90% or 100% rend. scary

Just gonna leave these here…


A slower skoola with tip the scales, it’s even beter against mutual Fury :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We did it with an indom level 16, paramoloch 20, tryo level 20 and skoola level 20

would anyone care to try on of the 2 indom strats above? Can’t seem to find anyone who knows these strats

Just tried 2x phora & 2 x suchatator all went well till 3rd round, the indom go’s team cloak, so the instant rampage from the phora fails , to take down the minions as they did in rounds 1 & 2 , haven’t tried it again, but I imagine that the phora need to go sidestep to avoid being taken out , then next move go rampage. But as I said haven’t tried it to see if that works.

Did that twice today successfully. As long as pho does sidestep at the end of turn 2 they will be faster than indom at the start of turn 3. Instant rampage should go first.

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Ah thanks, that makes sense, I’ll pass that along to our alliance :+1::blush: