Instant Cripple bug


I experienced this so far with Kentrosaurus, that the instant cripple skill which is supposed to reduce 90% of target’s damage for 1 turn doesn’t always work properly. I’ve used it against an einiasuchus yet it still did over 1000 damage.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Koolasuchus Gen 2: "Instant Cripple" not working?

Yup, same dino too. Was using my hybrid with it. Used the cripple. Eino one shot me with that attack up move it has, completely ignoring the 90% damage drop.


Would that be because the move the Eino used has an increase attack feature which would counter act your dinos decrease attack?


The defense must be bugged at the moment. Because if my defense knocks your attack down 90% and your attack increases if 50% it should only increase 50% from the remaining 10%. My guess is that the buff is improperly overwriting the debuff and replacing it instead of both acting at the same time.


Hey Sprectomegakai, thanks for reporting this. Contact our support team with more information and your support key including any screenshots you have so they can take a look at this. Our team can be reached at


Notice I still seem to be taking pretty heavy hits after using Instant Cripple.
Got tagged by a level 13 Allosaurus for 389 Damage with both Distracting Strike (-50% Damage) and Instant Cripple (-90% Damage) applied to it.

The Distracting Strike alone is reducing damage fine, but with both applied that damage should be like 0.
Is it somehow translating -140% Damage as 40% Damage?


I think what’s happening with “Instant Cripple” is that instead of reducing the attack by 90%, it’s reducing the attack -to- 90%.

That is, it’s only applying a 10% debuff. Because I have noticed that it does reduce damage by some amount, but it’s a very small amount.


Just tested this, by the way.
Instant cripple applied on it’s own seems to work, reducing damage by 90% (vs Pounce 160ish damage).
Instant Cripple stacked with Distracting Strike doesn’t (vs pounce 680ish Damage)

Either the Distracting strike is overwriting the Cripple entirely, or there’s some math wonkiness at play.


The problem is that they cannot do math properly. They just add percentages. So if you do minus 90, but they do plus 50, they do 60 percent damage. It is maddening, but it is consistent for every ability.