Instant cripple?


Is there any reason that instant cripple dosnt work sometimes by a kentosaurus ?

Sometimes i use it and get hit with 86ish damadge and then sometimes i use it and get 600+ damadge.



Instant Cripple only works for one turn, similar to Pounce’s effect lasting only one turn. But if you use it and nothing happens, it’s probably a bug or glitch.


Kentrosaurus has a base attack with cleansing strike which removes the debuff and hits for around 600 (lvl 16). That would be my first guess

The times when it seems to not work- pay attention to your opponent dino buffs, like ferocious strike, which boosts +50%.

Einiasuchus is my most common example of seeing this. I think the math ends up working something like this:
~900 base - 90% (810) + 50% (450) = ~550 attack

The absolute best to use this on is unbuffed big hitters like T-Rex rampage or raptors pounce, where even on a critical only hits for 300 dmg ( lvl 15)
If anyone has more concrete evidence/numbers would love to hear!


Are you sure that you arent using instant cripple on a creature with passive immunity?


I may be misunderstanding, but I think the kentrosaurs is the one using instant cripple not the one it’s being used on.


Ahh, true- I reread OP and it reads a bit backwards to me, but I think it’s still roughly the same.
Watch for:


How did you get 550 attack after math? Instant cripple should decrease attack like Damage/10 because of the 90% reduce.
900 attack - 90% = 90
90 + Ferocious strike = 90 * 1,5 = 135
135 + Stunning impact = 135 * 1,5 = 203
203 should be the maximum damage Kentrosaurus should take from Einia after Instant cripple. Pounce and Instant cripple is sometimes buggy I even wanted to post my experiences here. My buffed Gorgosuchus does 2600 damage. But after a raptor pounces Gorgosuchus, he does 1600 damage. But the damage should be 1300. And Instant cripple should reduce the damage by 90% which means if your attack would be 1000 now you only deal 100. However sometimes I just wonder how can I do 600 damage after an Instant cripple because there’s no way my real damage would be 6000.


I’m not exactly sure if my math is correct yet, but the furious type attack buffs seem to calculate based on the original attack value, so even with the 90% reduction it ends up only being 60% reduction.


I have seen this as well only original attack numbers get the reduction not the additives like ferocious strikes +50% which calculates on the base original damage. Should not be this way but appears to be so.

Most likely just a math error in the back end tagging the wrong attack value variable in the game to apply the buff to should be easy fix.