Instant Cripple



Nothing else needs to be said.


I’m a big fan of ankylosaur-like dinos and I still hate that thing.


That thing is the devil


Slow it down, get your first dino insta-crippled, THEN switch in T-Rex or likewise. Tryostronix would probably be perfect against this one.


…Kill it with fire :fire:


I’m no expert with demons but I’d guess that the devil would be fire-resistant :wink:


just wait for you to use it and pop it with indoraptor. GG

that will never be on my team. i’m going to win or lose, but it’s not going to take 45 minutes to decide which it is


Stegodeus just spams superiorty stroke and laughs

Super strike, shield, super strike, armor pierce…if they dont throw instant enjoy your superiority spam


Post was meant to be sarcastic Lol If you have no counters on your team, its a mega-troll dino.


Just look at its little smiley troll face!


Just unlocked this weekend and the second fight I got into a shield/cripple loop that killed 2 and gimped the 3rd.

I would not want to be the person ill equipped to deal with that kind of frustration.


i have never once had a problem with it. it doesn’t do enough damage. i don’t think i’ve ever had a dino get killed by it. anything with a shield should be able to beat it.

i think even at level 20ish, it’s counter attack does like 57 damage to stegodeus with it’s shield on.


The post was a joke not an invitation to see who’s the best ankyntrosaurus fighter ever.


just making sure everyone knows its me!

but really, that dinos been in the game since the soft launch. so has instant cripple. most of us already knew about it.


Even when you say stuff I think is wrong I never want to argue with you :joy:



It’s CleverBoy everyone! Take notice!



I agree. The Instant Cripple is a good tool to use. It could be a bad outlook on unsuspecting victims, but it does the job you need it to to win.

If you are the one who lost, then another route of combatants would correct that particular loss next time. Sometimes it takes an extra level with some more hit points to being them down, but take a T-Rex/ Indominus Rex/ or Deceleration dinosaur versus any of those Instant Cripples and you nullified their effects.