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Instant Defence VS Swap-In Shattering Rampage [Against Dracoceratops moves...& other fellas]

Hi there,

After finding a lot of people complainig about Dracoceratops swap skill, maybe (as a suggestion) you would consider enable to certain dino’s (such Tragodistis, Stegodeus, Rajakylosaurus, just to mention few ones) an abbility to protect themselves against “swap fists” (like Shattering Rampage, or some attacks like this one).

Maybe an abbility like “Instant Defence” (wich increase at 100% dino’s defence once, during only the turn it activates, maybe with cooldown for 4 turns) would activate only when a “swap-attack-skill” activates.

This is just a suggestion. Hope you’ll consider it

Thanks in advance for your quick response.



not a bad idea but the thing is why would I try to swap-in when I know that dino can counter my swap-in damage?

For example if a dino with this skill is on the field I would never swap-in dracocera because as you said this skill would activate automatically and I would do 0 damage (total suicide :D)


I actually like this suggestion. Maybe give dracocera a health buff so he survives the move.


Good point. But a lot of players don’t have 4 “dino-tanks”, maybe 3 of them (Tragodistis, Stegodeus, Ankylosaurus).

I forget to mention that abbility would be “fair” if this one only actives only the turn when the attack comes up and it will be useful again after 4 turns.

Maybe Dracoceratops can’t defeat (or damage) the “dino-tank” with that abbility…but you can take it back from the battle with its regeneration abbility and try it again (before those 4 turns of cooldown, of course)