Instant distraction math?

Ok so I was battling this tryo and it had used ready to crush first turn, I swap in the Mexican chicken which should nullify it’s effect, next the tryo uses ferocious strike but I hit with instant distraction first. It’s ferocious strike dealt 1437 damage. How do the buffs/debuffs stack and does nullify no longer work on damage buffs? I can’t quite figure out the math

I noticed that too that using a definite rampage (my ardontosmaxima) on a buffed dioraja didn’t remove the buff

@kiros Definite moves nullifies DODGE effects/abilites.
As for @Tom_Z since he used Ferocious, the math would be: 150%-90%= 60% Damage. I would elaborate more if its needed.

958 * 1.5 = 1437. Seems to add up. You cannot distract a Tryo because it’s immune.


Oops, tru dat forgot that😄

That’s right! I forgot all about the immunity! Thanks, guess I was having a brain fart this morning lol

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That explains why sometimes the opponenets use Instant Distraction to my Magna and Erlidom.

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Love this forum

Hahaha that’s what I get for trying to get the DBI done soon as I wake up and my eyes are barely open yet :joy::kissing_heart: