Instant distraction not working

So during pvp two times in a row it’d get in a fight with equal level trykosauurs or my diorajasaur vs a trykosaur. What i find aggravating and hard to understand is in both instances we both used instant distraction but for some reason it only affected me even though in both scenarios the opponent attacked first they almost always do in equal speed, level, and rarity. Why is my team the only affected in these instant distraction scenarios am i the only one or is this another bug. If so please fix so its fair

If you both are using instant distraction on the same turn then it’s whoever uses it 2nd gets it applied to their opponent.

So if it’s a mirror match between two tryko, it you clicked the move in 5 seconds and your opponent clicked it in 10 seconds they’d go second. So you apply ID, which they “use” when they apply ID. You’d still have yours on your dino, they would not.

Basically in that situation you’d want you use your ID at the very end of the “shot clock”


Thx for the response