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Instant distraction should have a 2 turn cd

Or it should add a delay of 1 to any other instants once used. Too powerful spamming it right now.


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No buddy, I’m sorry but had to state these:

ID has one turn cooldown, but SS has none.
ID is no use against immune dinos.
Moves like APR or DSR share the same cooldown rounds, there’s always chance you can sneak in a deadly punch right on what spams ID against you.

Annnnd diloracheirus is not a specialised counter to tryko. :grimacing:

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back to back rampages Requries more attention…

(Also what @TeaRekz said about SS with no cooldowns is a good point)


I’d be on board with a 2 turn cooldown… if stunning rampage got its chances dropped to 33%. Otherwise my indo and gorgo don’t have much issue with a one turn cooldown.

I actually like my other suggestion better - use of an instant adds a delay to another instant of 1.

Can still use id every other turn. But no more 3 instants in 3 turns, or 4 in 5.

This seems complicated my friend …

(And also if played well… a Dino with ID shouldn’t last that long anyway)

Cant we have more than 1 fix at a time?

Eh, doesn’t matter. Im playing a lot less lately anyway.

No… just one at a time. Those are the rules :crazy_face:

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I vote no. Suchotator already got nerfed with Lethal Wound having a 2 turn cooldown, and it STILL has a place in the meta. If Instant Distraction gets an extra cooldown, then she - along with every other dino with it - will suffer far more easier than it normally would. Sucho can still lose to a Raptor just as easy even with Instant Distraction. Just level up a handful of Immunes and you’ll be fine.

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I’m fine with ONE instant move, but two seems to cross the line a little.