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Instant Fusion Lab Bugged

It’s not working. I already lost 2x level 30 Pliosaurus and 2x level 30 Mosasaur Gen 2. Yes, I simply LOST them. Try to instant fuse, I click on 180 DNA or whatever it was, nothing happens. Game freezes. I close, reopen and my level 30 creatures are GONE FOREVER.

For Pliosaur I redid it, speeding up, old fashioned way, it cost me 15,415 cash, 10,863,204 food and 64,440 DNA to create 8 new creatures and evolve up to level 31. Haven’t done Mosasaur yet, and I might never play this game again after that. Why bother if you just keep doing updates just to add new bugs?

Contact support and they will fix it. I am not a vip but others have had the same problem @Sionsith can you direct what to do?


get support to get it back for you. was your paddock full? (as in 12/12 dinosaurs)

Contact support. You can use the in-game or email them at

Make sure to include you Support Key and any other relevant data.


As @Andy_wan_kenobi said give support when it happened, date and approximate time. It seems it might be bugged as well for creating a new level of a creature. So potentially don’t use the instant fuse if any one of the following circumstances are true:

  • your paddock is full (12 creatures in the paddock and trying to fuse 2 of them)
  • you haven’t created the level of creature that will result from the fuse, as an example creating the level 31 version from 2 lvl 30 creatures if you have never made a lvl 31 prior
  • you haven’t yet created the hybrid you are trying to fuse from 2 lvl 40 creatures

I can’t think of any others but it would be nice to have some sort of announcement from Ludia so folks know not to do these things while they work through the bugs, I would think it would also cut down on support tickets as a result of doing these actions.


unfortunately with each update new things added there will always be new bugs … i remember i managed to play normally on a more “rustic” phone afterwards with the updates i was forced to migrate to a more modern phone

Thanks for the replies, I will see with support. My paddock wasn’t full, in fact in both cases I think I just had the two level 30s and one level 1-10. I hadn’t created any 31+ of those yet, in fact that’s the whole point, because those are new creatures and there’s loads of stuff I’d do before creating a second level 31+ of each… I think I’d better not use the instant fusing lab at all after that.

Your game…crashed? I don’t remember anyone’s game actualyl crashing. Have you tried checking the asset repository?

What? You must be kidding I suppose? My game crashes just about 10 times a day.

I think he was referring to crashing when doing the instant fuse, that would be a new thing we haven’t heard of.

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mine doesn’t crash at all on my new device.

Just happened to me with my Megarchelon, and i just had both those dinos at lvl 40, with 1 lvl 10 Megalodon.

It isn’t a full paddock bug.

Did you have an extra Archelon?

It could also be an empty paddock bug now


I dont think so, just because ive used the building to fuse together other tourny hybrids with no problems.

Except theres a huge difference with jurassic and aquatics.

Aquatics all share 1 biodome each time you fuse a creature and there are no others of that type the game treats it as a new creature and doesnt know where to place it.

Where as jurassics each have there own little paddocks

I’m no expert on coding but what if the devs just re invented the building as another normal creation lab but with a 2 second timer?

Could be the instant bit that’s the problem as maybe the game creates the new fusion before it has a chance to replace its 2 components thus causing problems with lost creatures and such.

It actually didn’t really crash, but froze. Had to restart anyway, and then, both level 30 (or the level 31) were gone. Twice.

I’m not using this lab anymore, anyway. Not worth the risk.

I’m looking forward to the VIP gift in month eight.
Then we will have two chances to enjoy the Instant Fusion Lab bug.
I bet 100mio Dinodollars that it will not be fixed by then.