Instant Invincibility 2.2

Does this technique actually warrant its move slot when not on a counter attacker, post-2.0?

My question mainly applies when discussing Geminititan and Ardentismaxima. I find the move will very seldom be useful except maybe blocking an Erlidom Cloak attack. Without the move lasting an extra turn (sometimes to the point of losing it altogether when outdone by another priority move) it doesn’t really do anything but stall, and because of that, a turn passing by may even be counterproductive by allowing the cleansing process to take effect on creatures it may have slowed. I definitely think that Gemini in particular would benefit much more from its former Instant Distraction.

What are your thoughts?

Yes, it makes no sense for PVp but that would there are raids. It should only b changed for pvp if each dino had a raid move set and a pvp move set

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They function the same as they did before, allowing Max/Gem to stall either opponent rampages or their own cooldowns. They were switched to shields when sauropods were redesigned to be both raid and arena viable

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Gem’s will last until the next turn but only one attack.