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Instant invincibility glitch


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Bug Description: Instant invincibility goes for more than one turn when you use strike and run.

Area it was found in: Battle arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Trykosaurus uses instant invincibility
Step 2 - Erlidominus uses strike and run, swaps into the next dinosaur but trykos instant invincibility is still up and he takes no damage from the next dino. No this isn’t a situation where the move didn’t last a turn. Tryko is supposed to get hit by one move and lose invincibility after strike and run.

How often does it happen:
Happened more than once
What type of device are you using?


Thanks for reporting this to us, @InfernoCervantes. If you remember the date and time of when that occurred during your battle, could you contact our support team here at so our team can investigate? Thanks!


Can also confirm this happens with all swap out moves and cloaks dodges or invincible… They last an extra move when you hit and run a few in our allianve noticed it and its been on discord as others have noticed as well

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Had the same issue


It happened today around 8 am?? Hard to recall next time ill record it


Happened with my utah. Now I know not to use strike and run moves on tryko


Just happened to me with my tryko. Used intstant invincibility against a rampage and run from a dilorach and the shield remained also the other turn with after the swap.


Have seen this against Tryko and Diora. Minor glitch but one that can easily determine the winner of a match. Tryko and Diora aren’t exactly hurtin’ for high value moves to begin with.