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Instant Invincibility is kinda broken

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Bug Description: Instant invincibility appears to not block all damage

Area is was found in: Library

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Instant Invincibility against anything (for me it was a Thor with Instant charge)
Step 2 - Watch as it does half the damage instead of blocking all the damage
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using: Samsung S10e

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)


Unfortunately it’s not a device issue. I have experienced the same thing on an iPad.

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It seems to reduce the damage by 50%, i.e. acts like a regular shield

Yep, noticed this when my Indom hit through a Tryko’s shield.

My husband and I have both had this happen to us with iphoneX

Yep - It’s been happening to me all afternoon. It’s only acting as a shield and not as invincibility.

Yet another bug. Happens in raids too. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

Yeah it only acts like a normal shield. Kinda dumb on Ludia

Lost two battles thanks to this mess and managed to get a screenshot. This is unacceptable!

Hmm but I think Dig-in now works as invincibility:D somehow they switched the effects… obviously the update was rushed through QA :smiley:


A little extra info: Swap-in Invincibility still works

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It seems instant invincibility has traded shields with Dig in and bellow, that’s kinda funny

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I just used dig in and bellow, they now block 50%

As does long invincibility

II definitely does not work…

Had battle in arena with 2 Max. Both hit through others II…

Also in arena, II didn’t work with Ardon

Yep not working on raj and ardo in pyro raid, how did they break this …again

Remember when It blocked 2 hits?
How the turns have tabled

But seriously, It will probably get fixed soon, at least i hope

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This is getting ridiculous, Ludia. Fix this garbage!

Just lost one battle as my opponent hit through my Ardentismaxima and diorajasaurus instant invincibility! Ardentis was hit through by a thor’s instant move (50% damage done) and dio by a sarcorixis’s resilient strike (50 %damage).

Then, I lost another battle as the opponent’s geminititan’s nullifying shield totally blocked my dio’s strike instead of just 50%. And, before someone asks, it was not the 100% shield as we both used it on the prior move.

Get this garbage fixed!!!

If anyone is working this, this occurred for me in the Library in a PvP match on a phone running JWA in Android 9.


Plus fix this… and the entire game!!!

In raids as well for our creatures as well as minions

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