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Instant invincibility is VERY bugged

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Bug Description: Instant Invincibility text states that it lasts 1 turn and can take 2 attacks. See photo:

In reality, in arena it can take more than 2 attacks. Opponent Ardentismaxima used Instant Invincibility first. After that, I’ve hit Ardentismaxima with Utarinex’s Distracting Impact (1st attack), then Utarinex’s Rampage and Run (2nd attack), then Dracoceratosaurus entered with Swap In Savagery (3rd attack!), and Ardentis Maxima still remained invincible.

Does this mean the 2 attacks belong to the creature that initiated the instant invincibility? It doesn’t make sense though, because Ardentis only has to deliver ONE attack (not counting Instant Invincibility as an attack), and the shield lasts two turns. Unless you count Instant Invincibility as the attack too, but this complicates things a lot. Made more sense in Co-Op where a creature can take more attacks at once (hence the explanation used for the long shield in the patch notes).

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Ardentismaxima or Trykosaurus and activate instant invincibility on them.
Step 2 - Attack with Utarinex (note: utarinex wasn’t slowed down in the Ardentismaxima scenario) Distracting Impact, then Rampage and Run into Dracoceratosaurus. The shield still remains.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Every. Single. Time.

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Another example of it happening to Utarinex, in spite of being slowed down. I chose to instant-charge, and of course it landed right after Tryko used Instant Invincibility. Then I was left to distract but not deal any damage.


I’m pretty sure those shots are from your match with me a few minutes ago :smiley:

Yeah, well played. Though they either have to change the description or figure out what’s going on.

Bugs are going on. I expected my Maxima to die after you swapped but… :no_mouth:
Anyway, hopefully see you again in a less buggy match

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a bug or they worded it wrong in patch notes. If it was supposed to work like cloak, all they had to do was write “Shield 100% until your creature attacks.”
Good luck!


Does seem like a bug to me.

Informing our team, thanks, everyone!


Thanks. Added another image showing the Tryko situation. Utarinex was slowed down by Tryko, then next turn Tryko went Invincibility and acted first, I acted last (instant charge), stunned Tryko. Next turn I could not deal damage, but you can see the distraction attack activated.

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What about that situation is a bug?

So the turn order looks like this?

Tryko slows you down, goes invincible, you charge for stun, shield blocks it, you regain speed, shield blocks your distraction.

I can explain that. Invincible Shield thinks it’s only been 1 turn because of the Speed reversal.

Yeah, the shield lasts until Tryko gets to use its turn. But @Detonatress knows that.

I know that. But the text says something else. Takes 2 attacks to break it according to the text, however I performed 3 attacks on it and it STILL persists.

That’s the Dracoceratosaurus instance, right? I was asking about the Utarinex one you just posted.

Then explain the maxima situation where I’m not being slowed down but the shield will still last for both utarinex’s distraction and the rampage and run, and draco’s drop.

It was a utarinex(not slowed down)-dracoceratosaurus instance. I could have done exactly the same on Tryko here, except the difference is i was slowed down by Tryko here. If I had rampaged out and Draco would have dropped, Tryko would have still been invincible (I didn’t have draco on deck though).

Didn’t Utarinex hit Tryko only twice?

For Tryko in this situation yes, once with a stun (acted after Tryko II), then impact, then on next turn I could finally deliver another cunning strike.

If however I had draco on deck and rampaged instead of cunning strike during my 2nd turn, draco swapping in would still do nothing and deliver a 3rd attack too (contrary to the text saying only absorbs 2 attacks).

So the Cunning Strike was the third attack?

Yes but it dealt damage. But if on my 2nd turn I would have rampaged and run into draco, it would not deal damage on either rampage nor draco rending (I’ve tried that on other trykos).

Wait, so you’re saying the shield should have stayed up even for the Cunning Strike if the bug is a thing, but it didn’t? So it’s an inconsistent bug. Is that what you’re saying?