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Instant Invincibility not working! Lost three battles


hope I’m not the only one. Since today, instant invincibility won’t work. Using iPhone 11 Pro Max. Problem is simply, that whenever I use II the shield doesn’t appear and I receive full damage. Happened whenever my opponent also used a priority movie like instant distraction or evasive stance.

Had this against Indoraptors and Spinoconstrictor. F.e.: Spino uses Evasive Stance, my Dioraja uses II. Shield doesn’t appear and Spino does full damage.

As said, 90 trophies lost due to this crap. Nice. Lost time and trophies and incubators.

That’s the crap change they just did

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Hey there, GermanRaptor,

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Apparently that’s a well played on your opponent part. And working as intended.