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Instant Invincibility shields for 2 turns

Instant invincibility shields are lasting 2 turns in arena.

The verbiage states that it is supposed to block 2 attacks up to 1 turn but I believe its remaining an extra turn.

Is this intentional in the arena?


Maybe not idk

Thank you for that input. Very helpful.


Dodge from sidestep does the same in arena.

I had a visual glitch - it stayed for a second turn, but it didn’t do anything. I’d also like to know what’s going on with it.

To me it seems like it denies damage, a maxima just went invincible for 2 turns. So did a tryko.

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Yup. It blocked damage 2 straight turns vs my erlidom.

Not ideal.

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Here we have instant invincibility in its natural habitat, lasting 2 turns:

I hit Stygi with Greater Thagomizer right after it Instant Invincibilitied, and now on 2nd turn notice I have to pick my move and so does my opponent.

I looked at it and it says 2 turns.

Now they changed it to 2 turns? It said 2 attacks before for 1 turn (and this was meant to be for the minions + boss attacks)

Edit: Nope, still says “100% shields for 2 attacks for 1 turn”. In Co-Op that’s 2 attacks from minion/boss or whatever, during the turn they’re attacking. But in arena 2 attacks in 1 turn would be something like rampage out with utarinex while dracocera gets swapped in on that same turn.

Shields and Dodges now count down their turn duration at the start of the creature’s action, instead of at the end of an opponent’s creature action.

^ I don’t exactly understand if this means if you used sidestep or instant invincibility first and you got hit this counts as 1 turn or no turn has passed.

Whatever it says, the fact is: two turns invincible is absurd. And that’s how it’s working…


I’m so confused.

Arena doesn’t seem like it changed,

Most of us are. Ludia is great at doing that.

The only explanation that fits is that the shields last for 1 turn, as in one of your turns instead of one of the opponent’s turns. If you’re slower, the shield lasts for 2 opponent turns. If you’re faster it’ll last for 1 opponent turn (I think I’ve experienced this in the arena).

This also fits with that piece of text you’ve quoted.

Back before 2.0, shields used to last based on opponent turns. If you used a Shielding move when you were slower, and gained priority while using the shielding move, the shield would remain because the opponent didn’t get to attack it.

Now, the shield will disappear because you made a move before the opponent could attack it.

I don’t know why they would make this change though. Maybe…maybe it’s because if turns were counted based on what other creatures were doing, then your shields would wear off while your own Co-op teammates were using moves. But that doesn’t really make sense. Or maybe it does, I don’t know a thing about coding, so…

I’ve had it last two turns on more than one occasion.

Basically, Instant Invincibility works like Cloak now. I think that should be easy enough to understand.
@Detonatress, @Arnold, @Colin, @DadJokes

Does this fit with your experiences?


And it’s kind of OP unless you have a shield breaker, but good luck using that on Tryko. It made more sense to have it shield 2 attacks per creature for 1 turn (for example if boss and minions attack together, each teammate that got II shield will be unaffected by 2 non-shield breaking hits. Next turn of the boss/minions the II shields are all gone. But in arena it just doesn’t work that way, and instead of it being an anti-rampage-run-to-draco mechanism (which would have made sense) it becomes an anti-rampage-run-to-draco-anti-draco-attack for example.

I figured that. Still absurd.

This is also true of Sidestep, Swap-in Dodge, Swap-in Invincibility, basically all Shielding and Evasive moves.

So if, for example, you use Thagomizer on an Indo G2 that used CS, the evasion will remain until the Indo G2 attacks.