Instant Invincibility

Looking for a little clarification here… earlier i was playing a match my opponent had out rajank and i had an indom. I anticipated him using instant invincibility and used the opportunity to switch to dracocera. Swap in stun missed. Next turn started and the shield was still up… i attacked first did 0 damage and died to the counter attack.

My question is shouldnt the shield have been done on my swap in turn… and not have persisted to the next. Tool tip states its for one turn not one attack.

There is a bug with the Raja I think with its shields. I’ve had the same problem.

The shield stayed on due to the fact your swap-in stun takes the priority. Situation in which the instant invincibility doesn’t act first, will have it held for an extra turn. Same principle applied to any other overhaul abilities in times of where they don’t take priority(except cloak)

Opponent’s shield lasts for 1 action of yours after it’s up. You swapped before it went up so the action is on the next turn.